BistroMD Meal Delivery Diet Review

BistroMD is the meal delivery diet that is exactly what you are looking for if you want a weight loss physician, added convenience to your life, and a personal chef all rolled into one. Nutritious prepared meals are delivered to your home with the bistroMD healthy weight loss plan created by Dr. Caroline Cederquist. All you need to do to enjoy the meal is heat it. All the work is done for you. Read on to learn more about how bistroMD is an exciting weight loss option.

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Basic Background Information

bistroMD has been around since 2005, when it was established in Naples, Florida. Since then, it has grown into one of the best meal delivery diet providers in the industry. You can access their plan online, and they have low calorie diet meals for both men and women. A delicious array of well-balanced dishes are created by Dr. Cederquist and her crack team of dietitians and chefs. Dr. Phil even endorses bistroMD as the best diet delivery service available.

Varying between 1100 and 1400 calories per day, bistroMD changes up your food intake with an eye toward helping you avoid dieting plateaus. By doing this, your body stops expecting or getting used to the same number of calories each day. Plus, the meals provide a combination of low glycemic carbohydrates and lean proteins, which works to save your lean muscle mass.

Specifics of bistroMD

When you sign up with bistroMD, you get three meals a day for five or seven days a week, whichever you choose. To help promote healthy weight loss, each day and entrée in the program is balanced to precise nutritional specifications.

There are different programs for men and women that can be ordered over the phone or online. If you are interested in accelerating your weight loss, there is also a snack program called EATS, which stands for Essential and Tasty Snacks. Plus, when you start your bistroMD diet meal plan, you get support from their team of experts.

Once you get started, you can personalize your weight loss program by using my bistroMD, the member only database that gives you complete control. To achieve your goals, the dietitians at bistroMD create a nutritionally balanced weight loss program for you. You can pick the entrees you want for every day and week when you look at your menu in advance.

Finally, so you can enjoy simple weight loss, you will get a week’s worth of entrees delivered to your home every week. You can cancel at any time, and there is no commitment. In your diet meal plan, each of the entrees arrive fully cooked (and frozen). You just take them out of the freezer and pop them in the microwave.

Every meal is precisely designed to give you the proper amount of healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein. For women, the ability to manage your weight depends on many factors, like yo-yo dieting, hormonal changes, stress, genetics, and age. These factors can affect how you lose and gain weight. Consequently, for women, the focus is on correcting dysfunctional metabolisms. This will allow you to shed excess fat and keep it off.

For men, there is still an array of factors that can play into your ability to lose weight, however there are important differences. Men naturally burn more calories than women, so meals are designed to take this into account.

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bistroMD has a lot going for it. We picked some of the highlights that set them apart from other weight loss plans:

  • bistroMD is considered the best meal delivery program on the market today by many professionals, including Dr. Phil
  • Expert chefs and dietitians are on the bistroMD staff
  • Calories and nutrition are balanced
  • The healthy meals are both satisfying and delicious
  • Nutrition facts and ingredients are displayed on every package
  • Vast array of food choices
  • For diabetics, there are low glycemic foods
  • You just eat the heated food. There is very little you have to do
  • None of the ingredients have trans fats, MSG added, or aspartame
  • The entrees are never freeze dried and are not shelf stable
  • Weight loss plans available for men and women and for those on the 17 Day Diet Plan


As with every weight loss program, bistroMD is not for everyone. While they make every effort to make sticking to a diet easy for their clients, there will still be people out there who may not succeed using bistroMD. That said, here are some of the cons of the program:

  • There is no fitness or exercise program provided
  • The slightly low caloric intake may be hard for some
  • For others, the price may be a bit much
  • In these meals, both fat and sodium tend to run a bit high
  • For families, this is not the best solution
  • You do not get to make personal selections from the premade menus

Though they do not offer any exercise or fitness programs, bistroMD does recommend such activities as part of living a healthy lifestyle. To have success in your weight loss endeavor, bistroMD encourages exercise along with their plans. On the bistroMD site, there are several articles that provide details on combining exercise with your diet, give tips on how to make a habit of exercising, and offer facts about exercise.

User Reviews

In the past decade, bistroMD has helped thousands of customers lose weight and keep it off. Here are what a few of these people had to say about their service:

“bistroMD is not for everyone, but I absolutely loved this diet! I have to lose 50 pounds after the birth of my son. bistroMD has given me a good jump start after losing 25 pounds over the course of the last two months. Best of all, I am still able to produce enough milk to breastfeed my son. However, I would h2ly recommend you check with your doctor before dieting while breastfeeding.” –Lilly in San Francisco, Cali.

“I am giving bistroMD two thumbs up, though there are both pros and cons to the plan. I find most of the meals very flavorful, including the pasta primavera, grilled chicken meals, and beef dishes. However, I miss desserts. Sure, I am rarely hungry for dessert, but it is nice to have a little sweet cap to my meal. Best of all, the dishes always seem to taste fresh.” –Bill in Gig Harbor, Wash.

“For the first week or two, I was very skeptical of the nutritional information listed on the packages. Mostly because the dishes were so tasty, and I was full after eating them. In my past experience, I could never get full with so few calories. However, the scale never lies. And, I was able to drop seven pounds in those first two weeks.” –Kathy in Durango, Colo.

Sample Meals

bistroMD offers a large selection for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Below are some of the dishes currently on their menu.


  • Strawberry Shortcake Crepes with Chicken Sausage – Crepes stuffed with cream cheese and strawberries and drizzled with strawberry sauce plus a side of chicken apple sausage.
  • Bagel with Egg White and Turkey Sausage – Whole wheat bagel with an egg white patty and turkey sausage.


  • Provencal Salmon – Herb and garlic seasoned Norwegian salmon fillet served with onion and garlic flavored spinach and roasted balsamic cauliflower.
  • Pork Tenderloin with Plum Sauce – Grilled pork topped with plum sauce served with rice noodles, sugar snap peas, and mixed vegetables.


  • Beef Tips with a Mushroom Medley – Braised beef tips in a Dijon mustard sauce with sautéed mushrooms served over egg noodles and with roasted cauliflower.
  • Cheese Ravioli – Mini cheese ravioli in a four cheese sauce served with green beans almandine.


  • Dried Beef Strips with Apples and Cherries
  • Berry Blast shake

The 17 Day Diet Delivery Program is among the offerings available from bistroMD’s partnership with The 17 Day Diet. You can have the convenience of having your meals delivered to you if you are on the four cycle 17 Day Diet weight loss plan.


Few people have time to make delicious and healthy dishes at home in this fast paced world. This is all taken care of for you by bistroMD’s diet at your door. It is simpler than ever before to manage your weight loss with satisfying, nutrient rich and tasty meals prepared for you and delivered to your home. Plus, the broad menu is designed by a medical doctor.

Couples and individuals will benefit most from the bistroMD programs. However, it is not a realistic option for families due to the expense involved. Your desire for variety and to be healthy are at the forefront of the minds of the team of dietitians, Dr. Cederquist, and chefs who create the meals. We h2ly recommend you check out bistroMD if you are considering an easy way to lose weight.

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