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Combining the highest level of customer support and care with the same medical grade weight loss supplements and protein diet foods used by physicians, weight loss clinics, and hospitals, Diet Direct is a household name in the dieting community. The needs of LCD, modified fasting, and VLCD diets are all met with the supplements and high protein diet foods they offer.

Diet Direct also carries a wide variety of products that are perfect for diabetic diets, high protein diets, low carbohydrate lifestyles, and liquid diets. They are so certain their products will not only taste great but that they will help you meet your weight loss goals that they offer a no hassle money back guarantee on everything they sell.

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Keep reading to find out what Diet Direct offers and if it is worth it.

Basic Background Information

Diet Direct has blossomed into the top source for diet supplements on the Internet from their home base in Wilmington, NC. To help their clients reach their target weight in a healthy manner and keep the weight off for life, they carry a carefully selected line of products. One of their top products is the WonderSlim Diet Plan.

The WonderSlim Diet Plan is a simple to follow plan that helps real people achieve real results. They are so confident of their cornerstone WonderSlim products that they offer a 110 percent refund if you are not completely satisfied with the weight loss supplements and high protein foods that are part of this line.
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Specifics of Diet Direct

There are dozens of brands offered by Diet Direct. There are options for people on just about any diet. For the purpose of this review, we are going to take a closer look at their WonderSlim, BariWise, ProtiDiet, and Bariatric Advantage brands.

  • WonderSlim: WonderSlim has the packages and products you need to help you reach your goals whether you are seeking to discover a foolproof diet plan that takes the guesswork out of losing weight or you are looking for high protein diet foods to blaze your own trail to dropping the pounds. Plus, after you have achieved your target weight, they teach you to maintain your weight loss with the WonderSlim Diet Plan.
  • BariWise: Any weight management or loss plan can be augmented with the BariWise line of weight loss products. These items are items are scientifically created for exceptional nutritional value. BariWise uses foods that actually taste good to make dieting fun. In this way, they go beyond the usually high protein products available.
  • ProtiDiet: Attention to detail is what makes French cuisine great. This dedication is nowhere more apparent than in the ProtiDiet line. Originating in Quebec, the French cooking heritage is showcased in an array of flavorful and functional diet foods made from easy to digest, top quality proteins. ProtiDiet snacks and foods can help you achieve your weight management and loss goals with a vast array of products that taste great and keep the sugars, carbs, and calories low.
  • Bariatric Advantage: Those who are looking to lose weight through non-surgical means as well as those who have experienced weight loss surgery will reap benefits from the nutritional qualities of the broad range of targeted mineral and vitamin formulations in the Bariatric Advantage series. All of these supplements comply with the Good Manufacturing Practice Standards of the United State Food and Drug Administration.


There is something for everybody among Diet Direct’s many different brands. We h2ly suggest you take a moment to skim their list of brands to see if anything is perfectly suited to your dieting needs. We found a lot of positives with Diet Direct. Here are some of the highlights:

  • You can do all of your ordering over the Web
  • There is a variety of online tools you can access online
  • The dieting plans are not restrictive. Some allow you to eat seven times a day
  • With the range of products, there are many different flavors to choose from
  • So you can develop healthy eating habits that will last you a lifetime, you get guidance form professionals
  • It is easy to follow the diet plans
  • All of the products we sampled were delicious and did not taste like diet food
  • You can sometimes find discounted prices on some of the products


When it comes to dieting, Diet Direct is not perfect. It will not work for everyone. From our in depth survey of the site and the various plans, there were a few disadvantages that we found. The biggest downfall is a double edged sword. Sure, it is nice that there are so many options for people who want to lose weight, but it is tough making a decision on what to choose. For those who have trouble deciding, we recommend giving WonderSlim a shot first. It is their most popular product for a reason.

For many of the Diet Direct items, we were not able to find out what ingredients were in them. You cannot find this information on the boxes. This can be an issue for those people with caffeine sensitivities or diabetes, since some of the products clearly have these in them.

Full review and food demo of WonderSlim.

User Reviews

Despite any issues we may have found with Diet Direct, there are tens of thousands of people who have used their diet supplements to lose weight and keep that weight off. Here is what they had to say:

“I began to see results within a month with the WonderSlim Diet Plan. People now describe me as tiny now that I have dropped 40 pounds. Plus, I have never had so much energy! I used to struggle doing a daily two mile hike when I was overweight. Now, I can easily hike and jog eight miles a day. I feel happier, more alert, more confident, and more rested than ever before!” –Faye in Hartford, CT

“That first pound that I lost on the WonderSlim Diet Plan was the best. After consuming two small meals and seven shakes per day for the first two days, the scale began to go down. My success continued, and I was able to achieve my goal of losing 60 pounds. I have to say the taste is what I liked most about WonderSlim.” –Amanda in Metairie, LA

“I was able to get down to a size 12 and lose 70 pounds using my own assortment of WonderSlim products. Within a week, I was seeing results. The bars and shakes are my favorites. Compared to other protein shakes I have tried, WonderSlim shakes are not chalky. It felt good to achieve something I put my mind to.” –Vanessa in Anderson, SC

Sample Meal Plan

To give you an idea of what the diet plans are like at Diet Direct, we are going to outline for you one of their more popular plans: the WonderSlim Basic Women’s Meal Plan.

  • Breakfast: 1 WonderSlim Meal Replacement (smoothies, shakes, pudding, berry blast fruit drink, or tomato soup)
  • Morning Snack: 1 WonderSlim Meal Replacement and 1 fruit serving
  • Lunch: 2 vegetable servings, 1 optional serving, and 1 protein serving
  • Afternoon Snack: 1 WonderSlim Bar or Snack (milk chocolate crunchies, pretzel snacks, cheddar crunchers, or snack O’s)
  • Dinner: 1 starch serving, 1 protein serving, 2 optional servings, and 2 vegetable servings
  • Dessert: 1 WonderSlim Meal Replacement

Daily nutritional totals for this plan are 100 grams carbohydrates, 1000 calories, 15 grams fat, and 120 grams protein.

There are also meal plan instructions:

  • You can prepare grocery foods by roasting, broiling, baking, steaming, grilling, and boiling. But, you cannot fry.
  • You must drink at least eight cups of water every day.
  • To meet your personal preferences and schedule, foods may be rearranged within the day.
  • They suggest using a food and activity diary that they provide to document everything you drink and eat. This includes any physical activity you do on a particular day.
  • You must not skip meals. For optimal support of lean muscle, to curb hunger, and for good nutritional intake, you must consume all grocery foods and WonderSlim meals as directed.
  • To create your grocery shopping list and play your grocery food servings, they provide you with a food selection list. To get better nutritional intake, you should choose a variety from this list.


Diet Direct offers products for every customer. You can choose from a variety of health supplements created specifically for cholesterol control, diabetes support, joint health, and more. Users can find a vast array of mineral, herb, and vitamin supplements at affordable prices. Plus, there are diet patches and natural diet pills also available.

At the center of their empire, Diet Direct offers WonderSlim. On the surface, WonderSlim would appear to be similar to a lot of ultra-low calorie diets. Since these diets can be difficult, it behooves dieters to go with programs that have withstood the test of time, offer proven results, and have h2 support services. WonderSlim is that product.

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