Dr John D’Arcy and dietician Geraldine have updated their self-invented Kick Start diet with new science and menu plans to help get us all in good shape, finally.

The Kick Start Diet developed by Dr D’Arcy is based on a special soup named the Kick Start soup, of which one can eat as much as one wishes. It also includes breakfast and snacks which can consist of a choice of omelettes, yoghurt, smoothies, fresh fruit and nuts.

Rhonda (47, one child, smoker), Sharon (51, four children, a flab), Tina (51, three children, problem sticking to diets) – these three women and close friends have all volunteered to test the diet out for themselves.
Dr D’Arcy and Ms. Georgeou have prepared a completely new eating plan to enable each of them to lose as much as one kilogram per week.

If you wish to try the diet out too, there are three things you should do before.

  • 1. Do a blood test to determine any issues you will need to fix, such as blood pressure, high insulin levels or anything that might stall the slimming process.
  • 2. Weigh yourself. It’s best to know precisely how much you weigh before going on diet. Also find out what
  • 3. Set yourself a goal. Determine your ideal, healthy weight. It’s best to know exactly just how many of that kilos you need to shed.

Rhonda’s size is 14, and she weighs 66kg while having a waist of 97cm. Her goal? Waist size under 85 cm, plus no smoking.

Sharon is of size 16, with 86kg of weight and 105cm of waist. She usually enjoys a glass of wine after work, but, unfortunately for her and for any wine-lover, anything more than a glass a day slows the weight-loss process down. In addition, Sharon complains of high insulin levels, which prevent her burning fat. As a result, Sharon’s goal is to both weigh less and drink less.

Tina is a size 18, and weighs 86kg with a waist of 104cm. For her, just like for Sharon, the main problem is high insulin level and that is the main objective she hopes the Kick Start diet will help her get rid of.
Dr D’Arcy  reminds it’s essential to comprehend how our body works, so as to be able to figure out which of the many possible diet plans will work the best for you.

‘The girls are so typical of so many of the patients I see. If you start removing the emotion and look objectively, and learn a way of eating that suits your body, then you can’t fail’, his assistant Geraldine Georgeou said.

  • Dr John D'Arcy

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