Detailed Review of The 17 Day Diet Book

Basic Background Information

The 17 day diet plan is still healthy, effective, fast, and simple. This book is loaded with 50 more, new recipes filled with nutrients, and they are very delicious. There are 17 day diet menus for the whole day for anyone to indulge in, without the guilt. Clients will eat their way down to their desired weight, without the unnecessary suffering that is associated with eating flavorless meals.

The other amazing wealth of information that this book entails, are as follows:

  • A newly optional day of fasting that would boost the 17 day diet plan for weight loss ( this is also a wonderful idea, in boosting one’s 17 diet cleanse.)
  • A 17 Minute Spot Reduction Workout, and new chapters on supplements
  • The latest, jaw dropping research concerning green tea and other foods proven to increase the feeling of being full, and to increase the metabolism
  • Inspiring before and after photos, and success stories that will maintain motivation.

With all of these details, it’s no wonder why this guide is one of the #1 bestselling diet guides in the market.

Specifics of Diet

In 2010, Dr. Mike Moreno first published “The 17 Day Diet”. With the success of millions of people losing weight safely, quickly, and effectively, Dr. Moreno listened to the clients of this book, as well as his patients. And as a result, he published this newer version of the book, which contains three new chapters, the new recipes, and diet customization with the option of fasting for a day.

Dr. Moreno knows that it takes variation in one’s diet to effectively lose the weight. With this variation, the metabolism is confused, which boosts the metabolism into burning fat quickly, during the four, 17-day cycles. With a cycle of rapid weight loss, the body system’s fat and sugar will flush. Also, food and nutrients are introduced into one’s diet, which trim thigh fat, belly fat, and other stubborn fat areas. This cycle is known as accelerate.

The next cycle is called activate. This is the metabolic boost cycle, which entails alternations of low and high calorie days. With this cycle, fat just melts away.

After that cycle is the achieve cycle. This is a steady weight loss cycle. The achieve cycle consists of properly controlling food portions, and the 17 Minute Spot Reduction Workout is quickly implemented. Lastly, the cycle to utilize is called arrive. This is an efficient control cycle, in which clients will be firmly and habitually implementing healthy eating to support their weight goals. On the weekends, however, the clients can enjoy their favorite foods.


Many of the pros of The 17 Day Diet book are already established- to lose weight effectively, safely, and quickly; great tasting and nutritional recipes/menus; to implement cleansing; and to exercise. This are all wonderful and healthy traits to maintain, and all sorts of 17 day diet reviews have illustrated spectacular results with weight loss, better health, and more energy. However, there are a few downfalls to take note of: For one, it’s very important to not prolong certain cycles of the 17 day diet plan, or unwanted weight loss can occur. After one reaches his/her weight goal, the cycles for rapid weight loss should be stopped. Secondly, even though clients are free to eat whatever they want on the weekends, overindulging, which can be easy to do, can be counterproductive in reaching one’s weight goal.

Sample Meals/Menu

1st Day

  • Breakfast: Omelette
  • Lunch: Shrimp & Chicken Gumbo
  • Dinner: Beef Bourguignon

2nd Day

  • Breakfast: Omelette
  • Lunch: Broccoli & Beef Dinner
  • Dinner: Sausage Dinner


The 17 Day Diet is a spectacular option for fast and safe weight loss without deprivation. However, as with just about anything, it is important to be precautious of a few potential cons.

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