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If you’re looking for an unconventional eating solutions, Tana Amen’s Omni Diet may interest you. The author of the diet believes her eating plan can make you much healthier and lose up to 12 pounds in two weeks. She has been trying different diets over 10 years to finally develop the Omni Diet. According to her, Tana Amen’s in now 43 and healthier than ever before. What’s more, just look at her to know she’s in a good shape as well.

Eat like Gorilla

The Omni Diet has a lot do with our friends living in jungle. Why? Because you need to eat like a gorilla when using the diet. The idea is simple. Gorillas used to eat a lot of veggies and – until they’re not zoo animals – they don’t put into their mouth any of the processed foods. However, the Omni Diet recipes is not only about plants. Up to 30% of your eating plan will be different kinds of proteins. Tana Amen believes that high protein diet can speed up weight loss and plant foods can play a role of assistant that prevent some chronic illness.

Another thing that the Omni Diet and gorilla natural diet have in common is eating often but smaller portions than you used to eat, when having only a two or three meals a day. It’s a good way to lose weight without starving. What’s more, the diet is very flexible so you can choose from a lot of delicious meals.

How it can benefit you?

The creator of the Omni Diet promises that following her rules can optimize your brain function, satisfy your appetite, balance your hormones and decrease inflammation as well as increase your energy and make you feel just well. Amen believes that the diet is a perfect balance of veggies, fruits, nuts, fish and lean meats that can maximize your weight loss and help you stay in the best health possible. However, some critics are quite skeptic about such optimistic predictions.

What to avoid?

The Omni Diet plan may surprise you in some points. Tana Amen advises dieters to avoid not only foods like farm-raised fish and whole grains but also soy products, canola oil and even 100 percent fruit juice. Dieters using the Omni Diet should also almost completely eliminate bread, rolls and potatoes from the menu. Only gluten-free crumbs are allowed here.

What to eat?

Using the Omni Diet doesn’t really mean swallowing the Omni Diet drops. Following the author’s recommendation you can put on a plate a lot of fresh vegetables, some fruits and herbs. Also eggs, fish, poultry and lean meat will be a good choice as long as the fish is caught wild and meat is raised naturally.

Unfortunately, some foods included in the diet can be hard to find or just too expensive for some dieters. A good example is wild-caught seafood that you can hardly buy in the middle of the country. Also macadamia oil or goji berries are not easy to find in a decent grocery store.

Another thing to keep in mind before deciding to start the Omni Diet is that the most recipes needs a lot of preparations. You need to be ready to sacrifice some time and put some effort in stocking your fridge.

A day on the Omni Diet

If you are enthusiastic about the Tana Amen’s recommendations, this general Omni Diet plan will be a good point for you to start, source The Omni Diet: The Revolutionary 70% PLANT + 30% PROTEIN Program to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, Fight Inflammation, and Change Your Life Forever

1. Breakfast

Eat within an hour of waking up. Protein: 3-4 ounces for women, 4-6 ounces for men. Healthy fats: approximately 9 or 10 grams (100 calories). Complex carbohydrates: 2 cups of non‑starchy green veggies and ½ cup berries or 1 piece of fruit. You can put this into a smoothie if you want

2. Snacks

Eat 2-3 a day – good times to snack are mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and late-afternoon. Each snack should include: Protein: 1-2 ounces (equal to about 2 tablespoons of hummus, a slice of turkey, or 2 tablespoons of whole, raw nuts). Healthy fats: 3-15 grams. Complex carbohydrates: 2-3 cups of lightly steamed veggies

3. Lunch

Protein: 3-4 ounces for women, 4-6 ounces for men. Healthy fats: approximately 10-13 grams (90-120 calories – 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon nuts, 2 ounces avocado). Complex carbohydrates: 1 cup mixed green salad with 1 cups of mixed veggies

4. Dinner

Protein: 3-4 ounces for women, 4-6 ounces for men. Healthy fats: 15-20 grams (1 tablespoon olive oil, seeds, and avocado on salad, plus minimal amount of oil for cooking). Complex carbohydrates: 2 cups mixed greens with chopped veggies for salad, plus an additional vegetable dish – 3-4 cups total

There are also some additional rules for the dieter to remember. First of all, the meals need to be small or you will end-up overeating. If you feel that suggested portions are too huge for you, eliminate snacks from the menu. Also try not to overcook the foods. It’s better to aim for lightly cooked and raw products. You can eat as much of them as you want, especially when you feel that the diet doesn’t satisfy your appetite.

Tana Amen also recommends a smoothie as a meal. The author wants you to use at least 1 tablespoon of healthy fat and 20-30 gram of protein. A base of the meal should be coconut water. The Omni Diet smoothie also includes soluble fiber, some superfoods like bee pollen, maca root powder or camu camu berries as well as freeze-dried veggies. You can also add some fruits for better taste.

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