The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners Book Review

Basic Information

The Mediterranean diet book for beginners is not the ordinary regimented and constricting way to learn healthy eating habits. On the contrary, it very simply explains how to eat delicious foods that are low in calories and also extremely heathy for the body. According to the Mayo Clinic, the Mediterranean diet plan is essential when attempting to incorporate life-long heathy eating habits. Not only is it considered to be heart healthy, it can also work to reduce the chances of getting certain types of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer. The Mediterranean diet menu mainly includes fruits, vegetables and lean cuts of meat.

Specifics of diet

Unlike many weight reduction programs, the Mediterranean diet food list does not eliminate certain types of foods, which can be found on the food pyramid. However, it does advise the dieter on when and how often they should be consumed. Nuts, legumes, vegetables, grains and fruits should be eaten more frequently than dairy products or meats. The Mediterranean diet sample menu for a dinner may consist of a portion of meat with either a serving of a fruit or a vegetable. But meats, (like beef or seafood) should not be consumed every day. In fact, they should only be eaten a few times a week for optimum results.


How food is prepared and what is used while cooking certain foods are important factors, when following this diet. It is suggested that swapping olive oil for butter and using herbs and spices to enhance the foods natural flavor can be the most favorable option. Whole foods are primarily used and anything processed is a big no-no. Foods like candies, chocolates, sodas and white bread are strictly forbidden with this program.

Sample Meals/Menu

The Mediterranean diet plan 7 day meal plan consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and if you are still hungry, a reasonable snack. Breakfast may include foods like eggs and vegetables cooked in extra virgin olive oil or oatmeal accompanied with a serving of fruit. Lunch can be Mediterranean pizza, nuts or Greek yogurt. Dinners are typically a small portion of meat along with a hardy vegetable like a baked potato or brown rice. Acceptable snacks examples can be nuts, yogurt or apple slices.


The Mediterranean diet for beginner’s book is easy to understand and includes many delicious and nutritious step by step recipes. Along with these recipes are suggestions on how they are to be prepared and what are the best spices and herbs to use to make them palatable. The book suggests easy to get foods, which can be found at almost any supermarket.

As with any diet or lifestyle change, it can be a bit difficult to get used to. Initially, it can be hard to change old eating habits, like cutting back on portions. Eliminating processed foods can also be daunting because of their convenience. Instead of grabbing something premade, all of the preparation has to be done by the dieter.

However, the Mediterranean diet meal plan makes it all worthwhile. Especially, if a healthy lifestyle is as important as shedding unwanted weight.

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