The New Atkins Made Easy Diet Book Review

#1: Basic Background Information

The Atkins diet is a popular diet that has taken the world by storm since it first became popular. Dieters have tried the Atkins diet millions of times, and millions of pounds have been lost as a result of the diet. The diet is the creation of Dr. Atkins who wanted to focus on proteins, and he used the diet to help many of his patients before going public with the diet. This article will continue to explain the Atkins diet plan so that you may decide if the diet is something you wish to do.

#2: Specifics Of Diet

You will use carbs to change your diet when you begin the Atkins diet induction, and you will reintroduce carbs to your diet in the right way to make your body synthesize them properly. Atkins diet recipes have been laid out in the book so that you will eat them in the right order, and you must be prepared to follow the strict dietary plan in the book. The Atkins diet results you want only occur when you are carefully following the instructions in the book, and you must promise yourself that you will read every word.

#3: Pros/Cons

The Atkins diet will help you lose weight by eliminating carbs that have caused you to gain weight over the years. You will be on a strong protein diet while you reintroduce carbs into your diet, but you may find the diet to be too restrictive. You must have quite a bit of self-discipline and self-control to ensure that you follow the diet. The diet will work for you if you are willing to stick with it throughout the course of the book.

#4: Sample Meals/Menu

The Atkins diet has two phases. You will spend quite a lot of time in phase 1 where you must eat everything from Atkins diet phase 1 snacks to phase 1 meals. Phase 1 is used to get rid of carbs, and your body will be flushed of carbs before you must to phase 2. Atkins diet phase 2 helps bring carbs back into the your diet in the right order. Dr. Atkins created a plan for eating carbs that would allow your body to burn fat faster, and you must ensure that you do not transition to phase 2 until you are ready.

#5: Conclusion

The Atkins diet will work wonders for you when you want to lose a lot of weight quickly, but the diet is not a magic pill that will help you lose weight without any work. You must have the book with you at all times, and you must follow all the instructions in the book to ensure that you are eating the right foods when you are supposed to eat them. Deviating from the plan at any time will throw your body back into its old habits, and you may need to start again. Be faithful to the book to get best results.

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