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With busy family, social, and work commitments, it is no wonder we struggle to keep our weight down. We have little time to prepare and plan healthy meals with our chaotic lifestyles. Consequently, our health and weight loss end up on the backburner. When it comes to finding the balance between your desire to eat nutritious meals and your hectic life, Diet-to-Go picks up the slack.

Either with frozen delivery or fresh delivery, delicious meals come straight to your door with the Diet-to-Go delivery service. There are three meal options to choose from with the Diet-to-Go meal delivery plans: low carbohydrate, vegetarian, and low calorie/traditional. We took a close look at what Diet-to-Go has to offer. Read on to learn more about their services and if they are worth your money.

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Basic Background Information

Hilton Davis founded Diet-to-Go in 1991 in Lorton, Virginia. Their diet plans are great for women and men, and everything is accessible online. Their focus is on making healthy eating both inexpensive and simple. Diet-to-Go’s goals are to help you maintain a healthy weight in life after you hit your ideal weight and to change perceptions of what it means to eat healthy.

Diet-to-Go wants to help their clients to make smart food choices a way of life by establishing a common sense approach to healthy eating. They provide you with low calorie, fresh, nutritionally balanced, delicious meals that help you either support an already healthy lifestyle and weight or to lose weight. The meals are prepared in kitchens certified by the United States Department of Agriculture by the best chefs in the business.

Specifics of Diet-to-Go

The way Diet-to-Go works is really quite simple:

  • Select Menu – There are plans to fit your weight loss goals, budget, and tastes with several meal plan options, hundreds of delicious and healthy meals, and three distinct menus. As mentioned above the three diets are low calorie/traditional (either 1200 (for women) or 1600 (for men) calories per day), vegetarian, and low carb. Among these menus, you can choose 5 day or 7 day plans. And, you can choose to either get two meals per day or three.
  • Order Your Plan – It is simple to place your order. You just complete the secure online ordering process once you select the plan that is right for you. There are no contracts or hidden fees. Plus, there is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed with their services.
  • Receive Your Plan – UPS or FedEx will deliver Diet-to-Go directly to your office or home for most people. However, there are some metropolitan areas where you can get never frozen, fresh, local pickup service. These areas are the San Francisco Bay Area, Baltimore Area, Greater Los Angeles Area, Greater Philadelphia Area, and the Washington D.C. Area, including suburban Maryland and Northern VA.
  • Lose Weight – All of the calories and nutrition are calculated for you. All you need to do is eat the healthy meals.


Thousands of people have lost weight with Diet-to-Go in the last few decades. Plus, their lives have become so much simpler without having to worry about making a grocery list, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Below are some of the highlights of this program:

  • The needs of your budget and schedule are met with the array of pricing structures
  • The prices are great for the services provided
  • Low carb and vegetarian options are offered
  • Weight loss efforts are supported
  • For busy people, this is a simple, structured eating plan
  • You will not feel hungry
  • Your need for grocery shopping will be limited by the fresh service
  • For frozen meals, there are shipping options available nationwide
  • If it were any more convenient, they would chew the food for you
  • Broad nutritional standards are met by the meals


Diet-to-Go is not perfect. If they were, everyone would be on the diet. We talked to some people who were dissatisfied with this meal delivery service to find out what the disadvantages were. One issues some dieters had with the plan was that the frozen delivery was all that was available in their area, and you cannot get fresh vegetables with this option.

Another gripe was the price. To feed an entire family, it may not be cost effective to serve everyone Diet-to-Go. Instead, this service is better reserved for individuals or couples who need help keeping their weight down. Of course, if you go out to eat a lot, then perhaps Diet-to-Go is the better option for your family. It is definitely cheaper than dining out regularly.

Diet-to-Go addresses the pricing issue with facts. According to a study at the University of Washington in August of 2011, the cost per 1000 calories for the ingredients only for healthy low calorie dense foods for food cooked at home is $18.16. On the other hand, Diet-to-Go will cost you $18.81, and that cost includes everything, including condiments and sides. It also includes the priceless benefit of not having to shop or cook.

In another study from the USDA, the average household spends nine to sixteen hours preparing meals each week. That is compared to the one or two minutes it will take you to prepare the Diet-to-Go meal.

Finally, when it comes to eating out, there is no comparison. The average cost for a meal eating out is up to $15. With Diet-to-Go, it is $7.52. Plus, the meal is nutritionally balanced and perfectly proportioned.

User Reviews

“I woke up to realize one day that I was unhealthy, obese, and 33 years old. I knew I could count on living the rest of my life as a fat person if I did not make some serious changes soon. After doing some Internet research, I stumbled upon Diet-to-Go. This was ideal for me. I had been eating in restaurants for all my meals. Diet-to-Go allowed me to bring my meals with me when I traveled. I am saving money and losing weight!” –Amy in Muskegon, MI

“I was tipping the scales at 315 pounds before I started Diet-to-Go. I rarely had time for myself as I ran after kids all day as a day care provider. All day, I just felt exhausted. A friend suggested Diet-to-Go, so I gave it a shot. I had a lot more energy almost immediately. It completely changed my eating habits and gave me the push I needed. I am now almost down to 200 pounds!” –Darla in Oklahoma City, OK

“I felt like crap all the time two years ago. I hurt constantly and suffered from tension headaches. I felt that losing weight was the change I needed to feel better. I signed up immediately after finding Diet-to-Go online. At first, I chose the 1200 calorie per day plan to start then switched to 1600 calories per day after a few months after I reached my target weight. Now, I feel great all of the time!” –Jason in Memphis, TN

“I let a busy schedule and an old sports injury interfere with my health. The pounds just piled on as I gained my weight. My sister in law recommended Diet-to-Go, so I thought I would give it a shot. It has been the easiest thing I have ever done. I have lost 30 pounds and counting so far.” –Nicole in Fresno, CA

Sample Meals

One of the best things about Diet-to-Go is the wide variety of meal options. To give you an idea of what sorts of meals you can expect, below are some sample meals from their most popular plan: the Traditional Seven Day, Three Meals per Day 1600 Calorie Plan.


  • Apple pancakes, turkey sausage, maple syrup, asparagus cuts, and tips
  • Granola and Greek yogurt with apple juice
  • Strawberry banana muffin, vanilla cream cheese, strawberry preserves, and pear and peach parfait


  • Shrimp and pasta salad, cocktail sauce, and honey wheat roll
  • Tuna meltovers and peach crisp
  • Chicken salad sandwich, mushroom and tomato salad, and fruit cup
  • Thai chicken and mushroom soup, coconut mango rice, and snack mix


  • Shrimp fettuccini, honey wheat roll, and broccoli
  • Whitefish parmesan, whole grain roll, baby carrots, and cheese wedge
  • Chicken creole, brown rice, and whole grain roll
  • Tomato vegetable pie, cous cous, and parmesan cheese


It may be a financial extravagance for some people to take part in a meal delivery service. But, Diet-to-Go is very affordable for the quality of their meals and when compared to their competitors. This meal delivery program provides a tasty, well-structured array that supports your health goals, whether you are using Diet-to-Go as a way to provide your family with more varied and balanced meals or you want to manage your own weight loss goals.

Due to the many healthy and time saving benefits of Diet-to-Go, we h2ly recommend it to all individuals and couples. Also, we recommend it to families who can afford it and who do not have the time to cook and find themselves going out to eat at restaurant quite a bit. This is the healthier alternative.

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