Have you been working out, eating right and yet, still are not seeing the weight loss you would expect? It could be that your metabolism is sluggish, which will prevent you from losing the weight you could be if your metabolism was functioning at a higher level. If your metabolism is slower than you would like, there are natural things you can do to give it a boost and take your weight loss to another level. Below are ten foolproof ways to increase your metabolism, no matter where it is currently at.

1. Get Some Good Sleep

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When you are constantly lacking sleep, you may notice that your mind can get foggy. However, your body also suffers from chronic lack of sleep. Generally, a lack of sleep slows a body’s metabolism significantly. In order to increase overall health and take your weight loss to the next level, make it a priority to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep is not something you can bank, so if you normally try and catch up on the weekend, stop. Add a half hour to an hour a week to your sleep schedule until you are able to wake up feeling ready to tackle the day. Your waistline will thank you.

2. Change up your Exercise Routine

Often, our bodies will start looking for ways to “cheat” if we are doing the same workout routine over and over again. Keeping your body guessing by changing up your workouts will not only increase your metabolism during the workout, but all day long as well. Some effective changes could be:

  •     Doing intervals instead of just straight cardio
  •     Adding new exercises to your routine
  •     Playing a sport that includes bursts of speed (soccer, baseball, etc)

3. Eat Regularly Scheduled Meals


Skipping meals may offer the promise of a temporary loss on the scale, but it will make long term weight loss more difficult. This study reported what many have suspected for years: four to five smaller meals a day is better for weight loss than two to three meals per day. Continually fueling your body with healthy food ensures that your body will not go into starvation mode, when it holds onto fat for fear of lack of nutrients.

4. Take your Vitamins

CNN publicized a Kaiser Permanente study showing that women with a vitamin D deficiency were heavier than those who had enough vitamin D in their blood. The study also showed that 80% of the participants had low levels of vitamin D. In order to combat obesity at the molecular level, make sure you are taking an adequate amount of vitamin D. Talk with your physician about a simple blood test to determine if you are vitamin D deficient or not.

5. Drink a Small Amount of Coffee

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Researchers have pinpointed that caffeine can increase the metabolic rate by anywhere from 3-11%, according to Authority Nutrition. Drinking a small cup of coffee can increase your metabolism temporarily, and pairing a small cup with workout can increase the length of time that metabolism is raised.

6. Add Some Spice to your Life

Although the specific amount is debatable, the NY Times checked out the claim that spicy foods can increase metabolism and found that research supports this assertion. Adding some spicy food to the menu a few times a week will temporarily increase metabolism, allowing you to lose a little extra weight.

7. Make Sure you’re Adequately Hydrated

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There are several reasons that water is your friend when you are trying to lose weight, and among those reasons is the fact that water increases your metabolism. Drinking a glass of water will increase your metabolism within 10 minutes, reaching maximum increase, approximately a 30% increase, in 30-40 minutes according to Shape Magazine.

8. Add Weights to your Workout

Not only does movement increase your metabolism during your workout, but Wayne State researchers noted that lifting weights increases your metabolism for up to 72 hours during the muscle repair process. To experience these gains, lift a heavier weight. If you are uncertain how much you should be lifting, visit a trainer at the gym for advice.

9. Eat More Protein

No matter what you eat, your metabolism rate will increase after eating a meal. This is because our bodies need to spend energy to digest our food. When we consume protein instead of carbohydrates, our bodies need to take even more time for digestion. This results in an increased metabolic rate for longer, as well as keeping your “full” feeling longer.

10. Drink Some Green Tea


Green tea, known for antioxidants that fight cancer, is also great for increasing metabolism. Catechin, found naturally in green tea, is the specific ingredient necessary to increase metabolic rate. Drinking the tea iced is a great way to get more tea into your diet during the warmer summer months.

By making a few of these small changes with your diet and lifestyle you can see lasting changes with your rate of metabolism. An increased rate of metabolism will lead to faster weight loss with significantly less effort.

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