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If your family is cursed with the diabetes – you don’t have to worry anymore! A new Tuffs University Study helped people with a Mediterranean diet. Apparently eating like Greeks is being profitable. The diet helped people whose genes may lead them to the type 2 diabetes.

Thanks to the diet a risk of a stroke was cut by a third. It’s truly a mistery why the diet is so effective. Researchers claim that the ingredients in the diet have a colossal influence on stress which works on the mutated genes. The truth is that (according to coauthor Jose M. Ordovas, Ph. D.) the diet reduces harmful substances like cholesterol or fasting glucose.

According to the National Stroke Association, even if your genes don’t carry two copies of the gene in question, the diabetes overtakes more than half of the world population and increase your chance of a stroke four times. If you eat like a Mediterranean people, your odds of having the diabetes is reduced by 50 percent.

That’s piece of information announced by Spanish researchers in 2011. The most important is olive oil, then fruit and vegetables. Add them to your diet and enjoy healthy and long life.

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