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When you are stuck with a strict diet, you are looking for other ways to lose weight, so there are 5 tricks how to help yourself.

Dessert for breakfast? That’s right!

Scientists proved that if you have a treat for breakfast you will kept of more weight than those people who didn’t eat sweets in the morning. Strange, isn’t it? The answer is simple, if you eat sweets for breakfast, your appetite for sugar during the whole day will be minimalized.

Cut your food into pieces

Another trick is very simple – cut your food into pieces and cheat your brain. When you look at your plate and see more food you think that you are going to eat more and be full.

Morning time – exercise time!

You can exercise at any time you want, but it is proved by scientists that exercising in the morning is more effective. When you get up you have a lot of strength and you commit yourself to workout 100 percent.

A glass of warm water may work

Not many people like drinking warm water, because a glass of iced water is more refreshing, but you may change your mind after reading about another trick. If you drink warm water before eating a meal, you will eat less. It is true! A glass of warm water helps you to feel full more quickly.

Eat a lot

Five or six meals a day should now become your mantra. Surprisingly, eating more may help you lose weight. It’s important that your menu includes a lot of vegetables and fruit, also healthy carbs and other nutrients. Avoid empty calories and enjoy healthy diet!

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