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If you are looking for a weight loss program that treats your body and mind, look no further than IdealShape. Brain training exercises, dietary supplement shakes, a workbook, and supplements are all part of this program. To help you curb your appetite, Slendesta Hunger Blockers are included in the meal replacement shakes. The shake mix comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

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ResveraShape is the supplement that comes with the IdealShape system. It is specifically designed to ramp up your weight loss. One of the key ingredients is Resveratrol, which helps you reduce cravings, increase energy, lose fat, increase your overall sense of wellbeing, stimulate your metabolism, and build muscle. The revolutionary plan for transforming you into IdealShape is outlined in the workbook that comes with the IdealShape program.

Basic Background Information

In 2003, the husband and wife team of David and Carla Meine founded IdealShape in Utah. Since then, IdealShape has exploded in popularity. Their mission is to help one million people achieve their ideal shape by being the simplest weight loss solution. With affordable delicious products, they help their clients lose weight by controlling their hunger. This in turn helps them regain their self-esteem and confidence to live their ideal life.

The centerpiece of the IdealShape empire is the IdealPlan. This is a complete weight loss plan for all day hunger control. This is perfect for those of you who have tried other weight loss plans or diets and failed to gain traction. The IdealPlan does not bill itself as a diet. Instead, it claims to be a healthy lifestyle change. To lose weight permanently, they have devised a three pronged attack:

  • Nourish your body with nutritious weight loss meal plans
  • With proper exercises you can do at home, achieve your ideal shape
  • Create positive life-long habits by retraining your brain

Specifics of IdealShape

By incorporating exercise, brain training, a workbook to track your progress, and nutrition, any of the IdealPlan packages can help you lose weight and keep it off. By eating five meals per day, each of these packages makes it simple for you to lose weight and boost your metabolism. Included in the IdealPlan is

  • IdealBar: Weight Loss Convenience – In a simple 140 calorie bar with 23 minerals and vitamins and twelve grams of protein, the IdealBar is a tasty and convenient meal replacement bar that helps you curb hunger cravings. To keep you feeling full between lunch and dinner, you will eat an IdealBar at around 3pm.
  • Your Weight Loss Blueprint – You get a blueprint for permanent weight loss with IdealShape for Life. Included in this workbook is an exercise program you can do from home, a revolutionary goal setting strategy designed to transform your mind and body, and a comprehensive nutritional weight loss meal plan.
  • NatralShape: Improved Support – While decreasing your fat, NatralShape will increase your energy. To curb your appetite for up to three hours, it also uses Slendesta. To prevent late night snacking and to help you eat less, take NatralShape right before dinner. This will also give you the energy to finish off your day strong.
  • IdealShake: Meal Replacement – If you want any hope of losing weight, meal replacement shakes must be nutritious, taste amazing, and control your appetite. Drink it for breakfast every day by blending the mix with soymilk or water. To block hunger for up to three hours, drink a full glass of water right after you drink IdealShake to maximize the effect.


With the multifaceted approach IdealShape uses, there is a long list of benefits with choosing the IdealPlan program. Here are some of the highlights:

  • All of their products are covered extensively on their website
  • There is a wide variety of success stories for men and women
  • Exercise and diet are approached from every angle
  • Both the physical and psychological areas of weight loss are worked on extensively
  • They do not claim to have a magic pill for weight loss
  • There are many elements that are designed to help curb your appetite


No weight loss regimen is perfect, and though, IdealShape comes awfully close to living up to its “ideal” name, there are still a couple minor cons. Some dieters have tried to participate in the IdealPlan without exercising or dieting. They were under the false belief that they could lose weight using the supplements and meal replacements on their own. This does not work for some people.

Another downfall that will affect small subsections of people is the lack of variety in the shakes and IdealBars. There are only two flavors of shakes and four flavors of IdealBars. Plus, if you happen to have a food allergy to one of the ingredients in these items, you are out of luck. You simply cannot participate in the IdealPlan.

Success Stories and Video Reviews

A military spouse’s success story using IdealShape.

IdealShape weight loss challenge winner.

Customer review of IdealShape

User Reviews

“The hardest part of IdealShape was realizing that it was not a diet. It is not about losing the most weight. Instead, it is about being healthy and learning a new way of life. If I wanted a slice of pizza or a scoop of ice cream, I did not beat myself up. I stayed positive. And, in three months, I lost 30 pounds and went from a size 13 to a size 9.” –Meredith in St. Louis, MO

“I was at my all-time heaviest when my daughter was born last June. I tipped the scales at over 300 pounds. I have lost more than 80 pounds and feel svelte at 225 pounds. Initially, I was skeptical about the whole thing. But, it worked, and now I am always trying to get my friends to give it a try. I want them to learn to switch their thinking to being positive about their eating and bodies.” –Justin in Clearwater, FL

“At 335 pounds, I started my new lifestyle on May 3, 2013. I stopped snacking on candy, drinking soda, sitting in front of the TV for hours each night, and eating fast food. I replaced these habits with exercising daily, cooking healthy meals, using IdealShape, eating wholesome snacks, and drinking nothing but water. In nine months, I lost 90 pounds. I feel I am the best me I can be!” –Julie in Pittsburgh, PA

“This morning I weighed myself, and the scale read 130 pounds. I was at my heaviest at 218 pounds two years ago. Last summer, I weighed 200 pounds, and prior to the latest exercise challenge, I had plateaued at 160. I used the advice and routines IdealShape gave me and kept my eye on the prize, and I was able to transform my life.” –Annamarie in Sacramento, CA

Sample Exercises

To ensure you lose weight effectively, the exercise program is carefully outlined. For exercise, the program focuses on five target areas. You can do all of the exercises at the gym or at home, and they are both convenient and easy. Core, active stretching, cardio, resistance training, and rolling are the five components.

You can incorporate all five elements within one workout. If you are not interested in doing all five elements in one workout, there is a calendar showing you which ones you should complete on any given day. Plus, in the workbook, there are photos showing you how to execute all of the moves. Below is how long you should spend on each element in one exercise sample:

  • Core – Ten minutes
  • Active Stretching – Ten minutes
  • Cardio – 20 to 30 minutes
  • Resistance Training – Twelve to fifteen minutes
  • Foam Rolling – Ten minutes

In addition, IdealShape holds regular “IdealShape Up Challenges.” These challenges essentially involve the same workouts as usual, however there are prizes to be won based on how successful you are at the challenge. The challenges last for twelve weeks, and a new challenge begins each month with winners each month.

To enter, you submit a before picture and briefly explain what your end goal is and why you are participating in the challenge. After twelve weeks, you submit an after picture along with a 500 word essay explaining how the challenge helped you achieve your results.


You are not getting your average ordinary dietary supplement plan when you sign up for IdealShape. Many shakes and supplements tell you to follow a proper exercise and diet plan, but they do not give you the specifics on what that exactly means. To be successful, IdealShape gives you everything you need, such as complete exercise and diet details, weight loss supplement pills, meal replacement shakes, and brain training.

To help you lose weight and keep it off successfully, this product includes the complete package. You can have the tools you need to eradicate negative thoughts you have toward exercising and eating healthy. This reasonably priced plan has everything you need. We strongly recommend it to anyone fed up with trying to lose weight with other programs.

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