Low-Calorie, Healthy Food Alternatives To Your Loved Foods Moyan Brenn/Flickr

Dieting does not require a person to give up the flavors they love. Many foods have alternatives that will let a dieter eat what they like but with fewer calories. As breakfast food oatmeal has fewer calories than hash browns, black beans are high in protein but offer fewer calories than ground beef. Losing weight effectively is easier and healthier if you know food substitutions. Brown rice over white rice offers a basic dish, without the excess calories.

Foods available in everyday pantries work as weight loss substitutions. Drinking beverages is a big part of the day. If you are a coffee drinker, try replacing it with green tea. The sugar is lessened and the caffeine, which is not good, is not there, a healthy solution all around. Cheese is a favorite food, but eaten in smaller shredded brands saves calories and a cheese lover still gets the benefit of eating this delicious treat, within reason. This substitution is especially helpful with adolescent diets, since most children love cheese.


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