The detox organs are supported by the herbs in detox teas. Consequently, as a part of any detox diet, you will likely drink detox teas. To cleanse the body of toxins, practitioners of Chinese and Indian traditional medicines have been using herbs for centuries. Detox teas have harnessed the power of these herbs to create a combination that will cleanse your body.

Most herbal teas can help with the adverse symptoms associated with the detoxification process, since they are alkalizing. A specific herb like artichoke, dandelion, nettle, or milk thistle may be chosen on occasion, depending on which organ needs the most attention during the detox program. The kidneys are often helped by nettle, and the liver benefits from blessed thistle, artichoke, and dandelion.

There is a full complement of helpful herbs found in MyMiracle Tea. Read on to learn more about how it can help you with your detoxification and potentially lead to weight loss.

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Basic Background Information

The mission for MyMiracle Tea is simple. They want to bring the greatest possible vitality, health, energy, and happiness to their clients through superior customer service and Dr. Bill Miller’s tea. Since it was first introduced two decades ago, thousands have been helped successfully by drinking two cups of Dr. Miller’s colon cleanse tea every day.

MyMiracle Tea got its name because it effectively, inexpensively, and gently addresses many of the troublesome health issues that may diminish the joy of everyday living. Dr. Miller, a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science, formulated MyMiracle Tea in Tennessee in the early ‘90s. The tea contains a one of a kind herbal blend of safe ingredients that are all natural and designed to detoxify the whole body while gently cleansing the digestive tract.

MyMiracle Tea is not advertised on the radio or TV and is not available in stores, so it is unlikely you have heard of it before now. Until it recently became available on the Internet, only people near Dr. Miller’s clinic could access it. Fortunately, Bob and Carolyn Allen have created a family business of selling MyMiracle Tea online.

Specifics of MyMiracle Tea

In order to keep toxic waste flowing and avoid having it sit in your digestive system for too long, the objective of drinking MyMiracle Tea on a daily basis is to help regulate your bowel movements. There are a number of health consequences associated with delaying the passing of toxic fecal matter. This includes clogging the walls of the colon and intestines and absorbing unhealthy toxins.

By drinking two eight ounce cups of the tea each day, patients have been able to use MyMiracle Tea to

  • Assist with restoring regularity
  • Assist with absorption of nutrients and improved digestion
  • Assist with restoring mental clarity
  • Assist in the reduction of belly fat
  • Help keep the skin soft, younger looking, and healthy
  • Assist with the removal of toxins from the organs, entire digestive system, and blood
  • Assist with cleansing the liver, colon, lungs, and kidneys
  • Assist in the increase of energy levels

To maximize the results of MyMiracle Tea, they offer a variety of tips. One tip is to eat smart. This includes a healthy diet limited in white flour, meat and dairy products, sugars, and refined carbohydrates. They recommend eating lots of vegetables and fruits.


There is a long list of uses for MyMiracle Tea. It is likely that all users will experience at least one of the benefits. These positive outcomes include:

  • Removes toxic chemicals created by yeast, parasites, bad bacteria, and fungi in the digestive tract and colon
  • Removes heavy metals and recreational and pharmaceutical drug residues
  • Fixes diminished memory and mental clarity caused by too many toxins in the blood
  • Aids in the absorption and digestion of nutrients
  • Even seniors, those with special needs, and children can benefit from the constipation and irregularity alleviation of MyMiracle Tea
  • Provides relief for hay fever and allergies
  • Increase ability to enjoy life by providing refreshing energy
  • Will get rid of your bulging belly


Not everyone has found MyMiracle Tea to be beneficial. For some people, the full effects of MyMiracle Tea may not be felt. Some dieters have found that the need to stay close to a bathroom was very inconvenient. Others found that though they were losing a lot of fecal matter, they were not losing much weight.

Some dieters did not experience any changes in weight or bowel movements and found the cleanse to be weak. Fortunately, if you do not see any benefits from using MyMiracle Tea after 30 days, you can take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee. So, you do not lose anything by giving it a try.

Another downfall is that none of the health claims have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Satisfied customer’s review of MyMiracle Tea.

User Reviews

Since MyMiracle Tea was first launched, many people have reported experiencing a wide array of benefits. Some of the positive reviews include:

“I have lost eleven pounds, since starting with the tea a month ago. In addition, my irritable bowel syndrome has improved quite a bit. I am delighted with all of the improvements with my body, and my energy has skyrocketed. Plus, I just realized I enjoyed the spring so much this year because I was no longer suffering from hay fever!” – Barbara in Cincinnati, OH

“I was spending many hours in the bathroom, which I had nicknamed ‘the library,’ before finding MyMiracle Tea. I immediately experienced wonderful results soon after ordering the tea. I have used the tea for over a year now. The only thing I miss is that I am not getting nearly as much reading done.” –Dorothy in Racine, WI

“At 79 years old, I have serious trouble in the bathroom. In no time, MyMiracle Tea took care of that. I also lost a healthy amount of weight. And, thanks to the energy and mental clarity the tea provides, my husband says I am a much nicer person to be around. I cannot even keep track of all of the things the tea has done for me.” –Ruth in Chapel Hill, NC

“I did not change any of my normal daily habits, such as vitamins, food intake, or exercising, when I started taking MyMiracle Tea six weeks ago. I had a lot of eliminations during the first couple days, during which I lost five pounds. After that, my bathroom use was back to normal. In the next few weeks, I noticed that I felt happier, my bell bulge was slightly smaller, I had more energy, and I was more relaxed.” –Louise in Murfreesboro, TN

MyMiracle Tea Ingredients

There are six main herbs in MyMiracle Tea. They are:

  • Chamomile – Chamomile is particularly beneficial for gastrointestinal spasms, inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, and digestive disturbances, though it also has many other uses in the body. Chamomile also helps to relieve heartburn, stress related flatulence, and nausea.
  • Blessed Thistle, or Holy Thistle – Most commonly in the treatment of gallbladder and liver disorders, for more than two millennia, holy thistle has been used medicinally. Toxic, clogged bowels are a major cause of liver dysfunction. Sluggishness and congestion result from an overworked liver that has toxins that have leaked from the bowel. Holy thistle fixes this.
  • Persimmon Leaves – For the relief of constipation, persimmon leaves are great. They also reduce the amount of fats in the blood, since they contain a natural compound that binds to this fat and eliminates it from the body. They contain many nutrients, such as antioxidants, Vitamin C, and minerals.
  • Ginger – For the treatment of gastrointestinal problems, like diarrhea, excess gas, inflammation, and intestinal spasms, ginger has traditionally been used by herbalists. It can also combat bad bacteria in the gut and has some other anti-bacterial properties.
  • Marshmallow Leaf and Root – To support and soothe the intestines and stomach, herbalists have used marshmallow to treat many digestive disorders, such as stomach ulcers, indigestion, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and heartburn. Plus, it helps with certain skin inflammations and respiratory problems.
  • Chinese Mallow, or Malva Leaf – Although they soothe and relax the lining of the digestive system, Malva leaves are believed to be mildly laxative. They are often used to make tea to soothe gastrointestinal inflammation or for gastritis.


If you are looking to detox and cleanse your system, you would be hard pressed to find a better tea than MyMiracle Tea. It has set the bar high with the effectiveness of its time tested all natural herb ingredients.

If you are looking for a great way to lose weight, then MyMiracle Tea is a great supplement alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, they do not guide you in your eating and workouts, but the tea on its own is good enough to begin losing weight. We h2ly recommend MyMiracle Tea as a supplement for any diet program.

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