How apples can help you lose apple shaped body? photo olle svensson / Flickr

Apples are what most parents used to give as an example of healthy food. It looks like it’s one of that situations, when parents are totally right. Dietitians share the same opinion so it’s something you cannot just pass by, if thinking about losing some weight anyway. So what apples can do for you and what the is best way to include them in everyday diet?

A perfect low-fat snack
Every person who tries to lose weight learns it needs much struggle to avoid eating little snacks between meals. But you don’t need to fight with snacking anymore if  your snack will be an apple. Actually, it’s the best way to add apples to your diet. Eating apples occasionally is a good habit. If you are not fully convinced, here are some scientifically proved benefits of apples.

People who eat more apples are suffering of cancer less often. It applies to many types of cancer disease, including breast cancer, colon and kidney cancer, oral cancer and cancer of the voice box. The reason is antioxidant effects that apple peel has.

Another purpose for always having some apples in your backpack or purse is fact, that the fruit is low in sodium but full of precious minerals and vitamins. Low sodium level is essential to prevent water weight issues and vitamins are good for health and vitality in general. Especially, apples are rich source of vitamin C that strengthens human immune system.

Unquestionable advantage from dietetic point of view is also the fact, that there are not many calories in apples – just about 55 in a small fruit – and it is low in fat, as well. But these are not main reasons why apples can help you get fit. The main reason is consisting of fiber.

What you need is fiber
Fiber is strongly associated with weight loss. It slows down the process of digestion and expands in a stomach so it makes your belly feel full for longer time. It means you can eat less frequently as you are not feeling hungry. Fiber is mainly located in an apple peels, so remember to always eat the fruit with skin on.
Most of us don’t fulfill daily fiber requirements. Average man should digest at least 38 grams of fiber per day and women are recommended to digest 38 grams. In one apple you can find 4.4 grams, so you should eat four to five apples per day to meet your daily requirements. And to be exact, apples contain particular kind of fiber called pectin. It’s a powerful one, what is good news for people wanting to lose weight. Pectin also works the way described above, but it does it twice as effectively as a simple fiber. It means you won’t feel hungry even longer.

Just apples and coffee
Just apples and black coffee – this recipe Is believed to be one of a miracle diets, used by some of world‑class super models. But is that any true that restricting your feeding schedule so much can help you lose weight rather than cause health problems?

The answer is no. As common sense tells, human should eat food from wider variety of groups. You need to get more essential fats, protein and calories than you can deliver to your body by eating only apples. And this is why you should never try any of extremely restricted diets, like just salad and cola. By eating just apples and drinking coffee you can also get osteoporosis and have some dental issues as it is highly acidic diet.

Crowding out unhealthy food
Every professional dietitian will tell you, that good diet is more about crowding out and not cutting out. It means that you should rather replace unhealthy food with more healthy products than simple avoiding eating particular food. It is exactly what you can do with apples or – even more likely – what apples can do for you, if you will just try to eat some everyday.

As researches show, people who make themselves eat a few apples day by day, tend to gradually replace less healthy food with apples. If apples make you feel less hungry, you will probably give up eating least healthy food first. And the effects of that replacement will be not only better health, but also visible weight loss. It is scientifically proved that eating apples before meals regularly result in losing pounds, as well.

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