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Part of living a healthy lifestyle is making sure that you take care of your body in the best way possible. The health & fitness marketplace is full of viable products that all claim to help you get in the best shape of your life. One workout series that has been making waves all throughout the fitness industry is P90X3. The P90X3 system is the third installment to the original P90X program, which was developed by renowned fitness expert Tony Horton. With P90X3, you will be on your way to a more fit body because it focuses on:

• Intense cardio
• Heavy weight bearing
• Toning up with yoga

The best part of the workout is that it all takes place within quick and easy 30 minute increments. While the time frame is quick, there’s nothing easy about the workout routine. The P90X3 workout is not for beginners, which means that you should only try out this workout routine if you have some type of experience already doing some type of fitness exercise. Simply put, P90X3 might just be one of the most challenging workout routines that you’ve ever tried. As such, it’s recommended for experts. You’ll find that P90X3 is an amazing series of workout videos, and you can get some pretty amazing results by following the workout schedule and nutrition plan.

More Specific Program Characteristics

With P90X3 you can complete the entire workout routine all from your own home. As previously mentioned each program set is 30 minutes in length and really requires minimal equipment. The nice thing about P90X3 is that there are also different levels of the system to choose from. Depending on how intense you want your workout or how much you want to spend, will also affect the type of program that you will pursue. Regardless of the kit selected, each one is fairly reasonably priced.

The base kit retails for $120 and includes only the basic workouts on the DVDs. Moving up to the deluxe kit for $240 you will get the basic workout DVDs which will include 3 additional workouts plus a resistance band and some workout supplements. Lastly, the ultimate workout kit retails at $350 and includes everything from the base and deluxe kits plus a ton of extras including a chin up bar, yoga mat, extra supplements and a chin-up assist. Depending on your workout needs will also affect which program that you decide to purchase. Regardless, each program fee is a one-time fee and you’ll be able to have the DVDs forever!

Workout Schedule

P90X3 is not a graduate program, so you really need to be prepared to jump right into the program. It’s quite the intense workout, so it is really recommended that you have some prior workout experience before launching into the program. The program is comprised of 16 workouts in the base system, with an additional 3 programs included in the deluxe package.

The P90X3 system is divided into three distinct phases that run over the course of 90 days. Depending on which workout you select will also affect the number of exercises that you perform on a day to day basis. There is an option to do classic, lean, mass and doubles, but the most common workout routine is the classic. It’s recommended that you work out with P90X3 for 6 days a week. Over the course of the 13 weeks, you will be faced with a number of different exercises. Different DVDs correspond to different workouts and routines.

By the end of Week 13, you’re not only going to be a lot stronger and have a lot more endurance, but you will have lost a lot of weight, build visible muscle, and burned a whole lot of fat! The P90X3 program is designed to get results, and as long as you stick to the strict regimen, you will be on your way to some serious and effective results!

Workout Results Before/After


Speaking of results, thousands of people have used the P90X3 program and have seen some great transformations to their bodies from using the product. The key to results is making sure that you are committed and focused to doing the exercise routines every day. The results that you will see from this program will also depend on what you are ultimately trying to retrieve.

This is not a “one size fits all” experience, which makes this workout system so effective. Depending on which option you think is best for you will also affect the actual results that you see. Ultimately the program will help you get lean, toned and sculpted by the end of the 13 weeks. Many who have used the program see their body fat drastically decrease and increased definition starts to appear in one’s midsection. The P90X3 system turns the fat in your midsection to a nicely toned core, and even a six pack for some people.

Workout Diet

The P90X3 nutrition system provides your body with the nutrition it needs to help you reach your personal fitness and health goals. While its success is based on a measurement and tracking system, the plan does all the work for you. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions designed to guide you through to ensure the best plan is chosen for you.

The P90X3 diet plan does differ from the original P90X plan. With the original P90X plan, your diet consisted of a 50/30/20 plan consisting of 50% proteins, 30% carbs, and 20% fats. The P90X3 plan consists of a 30/40/30 plan consisting of 30% proteins, 40% carbs, and 30% fats. This new nutrition plan has been tried and tested and is the key to success for many. On this diet you will be consuming healthy, whole, fresh foods and supplements which will ultimately help compliment the workout routines. In order to beef up your diet on the plan, there are also even some protein shakes available for purchase on the Beachbody corporate website.

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