These healthy and delicious smoothies will give you a nutirious boost of fruits and vegetables. Recipes that we link in this list are really simple and all you really need for preparing those vitamin bombs are some basic ingredients such as milk or yogurt, some healthy fruits and other goodies. Just put everything into a blender and you have a great, refreshing drinkable snack.

1. Green Smoothie

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This delicious leafy green smoothie will help you kick start your morning in a refreshing fashion. Ingredients include banana, apple, orange juice and flaxseed. You first ground the flaxseeds, then add Omega-3s. This smoothie can be frozen in a freezer pop for use later as a refreshing green smoothie pop.

2. “Get Your Orange” Flax Smoothie

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Start your morning with a powerful orange flax smoothie; the color of this is a result of the mix of orange juice, bits of carrots and frozen peaches. The smoothie is flavored with fresh ginger to give it that flavorful punch. The ingredients include protein packed yogurt, soy and fresh fruits.

3. Blueberry Brain Boost

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Blueberries are known to contain powerful photochemical and antioxidants which are important in improving cognitive function. The ingredients include fresh pressed apple juice, frozen blueberries, ripe banana, frozen raspberries and raw-walnuts. When preparing, combine banana and apple juice inside a blender. Add blueberries, raspberries and walnuts, and blend until smooth.

4. Grape Berry Protein Smoothie

This delicious all fruit smoothie is rich in antioxidants, Potassium Manganese and Vitamin C, the smoothie also packs 23g of protein. This smoothie will leave you energized for most of the day. Ingredients are chia-seeds, vanilla, blueberries, flaxseeds, purple or red grapes. To prepare combine all ingredients and mix till smooth.

5. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

To make this healthy smoothie combine the berries, banana, ice cubes, almond milk and a generous spoonful of healthy peanut-butter. Then blend the mix for 2 minutes. Most peanut butters contain hydrogenated oil which translates to trans-fat while Jelly’s are usually packed with lots of sugar;, these ingredients should choose carefully.

6. Tropical Papaya Perfection

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This coconut infused smoothie will make you feel like you have just landed in the Caribbean. The final smoothie combinations will almost feel like a milkshake. To prepare the mix process papaya, ice, flaxseeds, pineapple, yogurt and coconut extract until it turns frosty or for 30 seconds and then serve.

7. Chocolate Almond Date

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Almonds are naturally rich in nutrition as they pack high calorie count. To prepare this rich smoothie, place dates, cocoa, almonds and hot water in a blender, after a short rest unblend for between 5 to 10 minutes then add ice and tofu in the mix to complete the blend.

8. Ginger Peach Garden Tea Smoothie

This green tea smoothie is perfect for breakfast or post workout. The tea adds flavor and antioxidants for pretty much no additional caloric value. Ingredients include brewed green tea, fresh ginger-rot, frozen peaches, honey and a low-fat peach Greek yogurt. To prepare place the ingredients in blender and mix until smooth.

9. Apple Flaxseed Cinnamon Smoothie

Jumpstart your mornings by preparing a glass of tasty and nutritious smoothie; the combination between apple cinnamon and flaxseed is designed to bring you satisfaction. The extra fiber will keep you full until the next meal. This smoothie can be made overnight and made to thicken on the fridge overnight.

10. Watermelon Mint Smoothie

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This highly refreshing healthy breakfast is particularly popular during the watermelon season. Watermelon is one of the best hydrating fruits especially during hot summers. You cannot go wrong with the refreshing watermelon smoothie. The additional mints in the flavoring are designed to produce a cooling effect inside the body.

11. Mango and Passion Fruit Smoothie

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Kick start your morning with this tropical fruit filled smoothie with Vitamin C and low fat. To prepare this smoothie; whizz mango, milk and yoghurt together in a blender until smooth. Stir the lime juice, then scoop the pulp on passion fruit to the glasses, swirl and then serve.

12. Orange Dream Creamsicle

This healthy refreshing and hydrating smoothie contains Vitamin and fibers that help you start your morning on a high note. Ingredients are cube ice, water, peeled lemon, cucumber, celery stalks and loosely packed parsley leaves and stems. To prepare, add ingredients into the blender, and mix using high speed until smooth.

13. Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Recipe

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This invigorating tropical flavored breakfast smoothie is easy to make. Ingredients include shredded coconut and coconut milk. To limit amount of sugar, use unsweetened shredded coconut, unsweetened coconut milk and unsweetened frozen pineapple. To prepare, place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Then garnish with chunks of pineapple and serve.

14. Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie

This smoothie packs is packed with incredible nutrition and sweetness. The smoothie is easy and fun to make. Ingredients are water, frozen cherries and chocolate protein powder. Start with protein powder when preparing, then add fruit to the mix. Add frozen cherries and combine to make your seriously delicious mix.

15. Apple Pie Green Smoothie

Treat your taste buds to a smoothie that incorporates apple pie in the morning or before workout. The ingredients are ice cubes, spinach, ground cinnamon, walnuts, nutmeg, apple, avocado, vanilla extract and unsweetened unpasteurized juice. Place all ingredients in the blender starting with liquids, then blend for 30 seconds until ready.

16. Blender Breakfast Smoothie


This smoothie is high in fiber and Vitamin D, and will greatly help hydrate your body. Ingredients include wheat bran, plain low-fat yogurt or low-fat milk banana, nectarine and liquid honey or granulated maple syrup. To prepare, blend bran, milk, honey and banana until smooth, pour mixture into glass and serve.

17. Banana Pear Smoothie

This smoothie is a great immunity and energy booster in addition to containing antioxidants. The smoothie ingredients include fresh spinach, bananas, fresh orange juice, water and pomegranate seeds. To prepare, blend the ingredients until smooth. If fresh orange is available use them in the mix instead of the orange juice.

18. Mint Lime Smoothie

With this treat, you won’t need a dose of caffeine any sooner. The main ingredient is coconut water which contains potassium, other ingredients are banana, orange, ice, mint sprigs, lime and kale. To prepare; peel banana and combine with lime and orange then blend on high for 1 minute until smooth.

19. Banana Blueberry Soy Smoothie

This smoothie uses summer ripe Blueberries, you can use a fruit sugar instead of artificial sweetener or sugar. To prepare the smoothie combine milk with sugar, or sweetener, blueberries, banana and vanilla extract. Blend the mix for 20 to 30 seconds, add milk if you desire for a smoother drink.

20. Rhubarb Smoothie

Ingredients used in preparing this rich tasting smoothie are rhubarb, frozen strawberry, milk, cup of pomegranate juice and ice and honey. To prepare the smoothie, place the ice and the fruits to the bottom of the blender. Place honey, pomegranate juice and milk on top. Mix well until smooth, and serve.

21. Blueberry Passion Fruit Smoothie

This healthy breakfast smoothie contains plenty of protein and fruit fiber, the sweet smoothie will make you feel good about yourself. You can substitute the pineapple juice with your flavored fruit. The canned passion fruit nectar can purchased at the local grocery store. Enjoy larger healthier servings with this smoothie.

22. Beet Strawberry, Cranberry Smoothie

This smoothie is absolutely gorgeous, and would make for a fantastic breakfast. It constitutes of a mix of strawberry, beet and cranberry recipe from Vitamix. The beet should be steamed before processing. The smoothie kick, color and flavor come from the superb combination of tart cranberry juice and sweet strawberry.

23. C-Blast Smoothie

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Power up your morning with this exciting and refreshing smoothie, made from fresh farm pineapple, strawberries and the pink colored grapefruit. These fruits contain super high levels of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant for fighting diseases. Individuals with low iron uptake or levels will find this smoothie particularly beneficial.

24. The Superhero Smoothie

This powerful kick smoothie is gluten and soy free, the pinky orange color is as a result of combining hemp milk, hemp seeds, goji berries, chia seeds, strawberries, stevia and cacao powder. To prepare the smoothie, blend all the ingredients on high speed. Then serve as dense snack in the morning.

25. Steve Redzikowski’s Coconut Smoothie

The ingredients for this delightful smoothie are a cup of coconut milk, coconut sorbet leaves mints, and cup of ice, one teaspoon of honey and half a cup of blueberries. The preparation involves placing the mix in a blender then puree for about 35 to 45 seconds then serve.

26. Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie


This bubbly vegan smoothie fix can be described as a meal in glass. This smoothie will kick your morning to a perfect start. To make it more nutritious use vitamin laden fortified soy milk. To prepare combine oats, banana, soy milk with strawberries. Add sugar and vanilla as needed, blend until smooth.

27. Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie


Strawberry contains powerful health nutrients like potassium and vitamin C levels and low calories. This smoothie is strong enough to be served for breakfast and lunch. Ingredients are plain yogurt, sugar, orange slices-(Optional) and ripe strawberries. Set blending to high until puree for about 15 seconds. You may add sugar to sweeten.

28. Super Power Morning Smoothie

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To prepare this power smoothie, you need a handful of chopped kales or spinach, banana, almond butter, flax oil, ground cinnamon and unsweetened coconut water. To prepare the smoothie add all the ingredients in blender and puree until it is completely uniform in color, with all the greens pulverized. Then Serve.

29. Carrot Mango Green Tea Smoothies

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This 69 calorie energy boosting smoothie is made using green tea, chia seeds and carrots. Mango and ginger are added in the mix to provide a fresh tropical flavor. To prepare this recipe, cook the entire mix for between 10 and 15 minutes until it becomes tender to taste.

30. Blue Magic

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This sumptuous smoothie will fuel you with a dose of refreshing antioxidants and minerals like Vitamins and Potassium. The smoothie combines blueberries, sliced banana, yogurt, raw-nuts and quick oats. To prepare the smoothie add ingredients into the blender. Then add almond milk or soy milk, milk and blend until smooth.

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