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It is really simple to improve your juicing recipes and fight with fat and calories more effectively. Most of us don’t even realize how much we are exposed to various kinds of danger like chemicals used in our work places, pollution, harmful factors in the air we breathe or even the sun. We don’t realize that all those things damage not only our health but destroy our plans involving diet and weight loss.

Those substances are called xenoestrogens and they are known as hormone disruptors. They destroy the effect that estrogen produces. Thanks to estrogen our body has a difficulty in fat storage, but xenoestrogens works otherwise, they make weight loss difficult and are harmful for our body. Luckily we can defend ourselves from those hormone disrupting chemicals. That is the moment when cruciferous vegetables comes in. They are rich in DIM (diindolylmethane) and I3C (indole-3-carbinol).

These substances can contribute to body fat reduction, blood sugar control, detoxification or hormonal balance. So unfortunately you have to admit that our moms were right when they forced us to eat spinach or broccoli. Cruciferous vegetable list should become a sanctity for those who hold a diet and want to lose some weight. Beside allowing your body faster loss of weight they are healthy and essential for proper functioning of your body. You must know that cruciferous vegetables allows your body liver detoxification.

By absorbing nutrients from those vegetables your body don’t have to fight with xenoestrogens, because it defeats them automatically. Here is the list of cruciferous vegetables that should be used while making juicing recipe: kale, radish, turnip, daikon, watercress, bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts.

All those vegetables are proved to be very healthy and what’s more they support the digestive system. And as you probably know, healthy digestive system is essential to proper absorbing all the nutrients. To increase the intake of nutrients you can add some fat to your jucing recipe like coconut, avocado slices or pumpkin seeds.

Finally we can get to the good part – recipes. One warning. All of cruciferous vegetables can be very potent and if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or want to give juice to a little child you should first visit a doctor. If you want to increase a quantity of your juice – add cucumber.


Colorful Health Festival Juice

1 small or medium beetroot (with greens or without, if you want to use leaves, use them wisely, 3 or 4, because they can be very potent)
4 carrots
4 brussels sprout
6 broccoli florets
2 arugula leaves
4 white cauliflower florets
2 red apples
1 tomato
2 pears
3 slices of pineapple

Cut beetroot into pieces, do the same with tomato, remove ends of carrots as also their greens. From apples and pears remove seeds, but don’t peel them – their skin is very healthy. Cut them into pieces. Bunch arugula before juicing. All ingredients put into juicer and it’s done.


Beautiful-Body-Benefit Juice

1 glass of blueberries
A half of cucumber
1 peeled orange
4 white cauliflower florets
2 red apples
2 small zucchini
¼ or ½ red cabbage (according to your taste)
4 green or purple kale leaves
Coconut juice (if you want your juice to be sweet)

Cut apples into pieces, remove ends from zucchini, wash and remove unneeded parts from berries. Cut cabbage, because it has to fit in your juicer. Then roll kale into balls. Peel an orange, but try to leave as much white skin as you can – it is very nutrient. Do the same with cucumber, peel it only if it is waxed. If you want to enjoy healthy drink put all the ingredients into your juicer



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