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Remember your one number – eat cucumber

There are many ways to prepare cucumber and mostly we know all of them very well. This vegetable is very suitable for ordinary salads in the summer or pickles during the winter, but my favourite cucumber salad recipe is tzatziki. It is becoming more and more popular because of the unusual taste. The recipe is pretty simple – to cucumbers we add greek cream and tzatziki spice. It is not time consuming and additionally I can guarantee that all your friends will love it during the summer party. Cucumbers are also used in a lot of SPA resorts, because they contain a lot of vitamins and they influence on our skin remarkably. Especially putting slices of cucumber on our eyelids before falling asleep will give us younger look. Do not waste your time and try it.

Cucumber salad recipe

Green cucumbers
Heavy cream or yoghourt
Salt, pepper

Peel cucumbers and grate it. Then drain the cucumber juice. In the second bowl prepare dressing made with other ingredients. I realize that it may not be 100% healthy but it is an alternative to tzatziki dressing. To make it less caloric, use yoghourt instead of heavy cream. Mix it all with cucumber and enjoy!

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