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Instead of drinking water – eat watermelon!
Not everyone is convinced about eating salads made of fruit, that is why watermelon is the best way to please both sides of salads enthusiasts. This fruit contains almost 92 % of water and a lot of healthy elements like potassium and magnesium – these are the most important watermelon benefits. Simultaneously calories in watermelon are reduced to minimal and because of this they are the most popular fruit among supermodels. This fruit is recommended when the weather gives as a hard time – when we sweat during the summer, we should supplement our body in water and watermelon truly is full of it. Watermelons cannot be considered as sweet (like cherries or strawberrys) and they can be easily mixed with vegetables like lettuce or cucumber – these are the reasons why watermelon salad recipe does not involve a lot of time and money.
Watermelon salad recipe by Nigella Lawson

1 small red onion
2-4 limes, depends on succulence you want to have
1,5 kilos of sweet watermelon
250g feta cheese
Fresh cut mint
3-4 spoons of olive oil
100g black olives
Black pepper

First peel and slice an onion, put it in to a deep bowl and add limes juice, because onion has to lost its taste. Peel a watermelon and remove seeds, then slice it into triangular pieces. Feta cheese has to be sliced into pieces similar to the watermelon. Put it all into a bowl and add parsley and mint. To the top of it put an onion, olive oil and black olives and mix it all gently with your hands. Try not to mangle cheese and watermelon pieces. At the end add black pepper and enjoy the taste.

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