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Not everybody knows what granola really is. Simply it is mix of cereals, nuts and honey. We can add to granola whatever we want to make its taste more interesting. Granola recipe is not complicated and we can make it at home. All ingredients have to be mixed and baked in the oven. To make granola interesting we can add seeds of sunflower, sesame, cinnamon, ginger and almonds. Of course it depends on what we like. If we are on a diet and lead a stressful life it is recommended to supplement our body in vitamins, which are hidden in granola bars. They are available in supermarkets or we can make them ourselves following the recipe. To make healthy granola recipe, and by healthy I mean fat reduce, we should avoid adding honey. This snack is very popular among vegetarians.

2 glasses of cereals
¾ glass of sesame grains
½ glass of almonds
½ glass of coconut shreds
½ glass of sunflowers grains
½ glass of honey
⅓ glass of oil

All granola ingredients gave to be mixed. Then we have to spread oil on our baking tray and put all mixed ingredients in it. (Best baking tray to granola bars will have 25 x 30 centimeters). Put the tray into the oven with 160 Celsius degrees. Hold it in there for 20 minutes, put it out and mix granola ingredients again. Don’t be gentle, you have to pound it and turn it into a cream. Put it into the oven for next 15 minutes. When grains turn gold, put the tray out and leave it till it’s cold. Then break it to pieces looking like bars. Granola bars can be kept for 2 weeks, you can enrich granola bars with other grains like dry cranberries or apricots.

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