Need some inspiration for your weight-loss journey? Watch this amazing reaction from Reddit user Duncanconstruction’s parents as they see him after his amazing 130-pound weight-loss in just a year’s time.
You might be thinking, he must have hired a trainer or had a crazy workout regimen, but in reality, he just changed his diet. Cutting his average daily calorie intake to around 1500 to 2000 calories, the pounds staring melting off. He says, “after a few days I realized that I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be so I just lowered it until I got to 1350.”




That may seem like a shockingly low number, but with no strenuous exercise this number ended up being Duncanconstruction’s magic number. He revamped his everyday menu with healthy foods and threw out the chips and cookies for good. He cooked everything on his own but, like any twenty-something-year-old, he turned to the Internet for help. He says, “I just used the nutritional information on the packages, or I would just use Google for stuff.”
After a year of strict calorie counting, Duncanconstruction was ready to show off his major success. His parents hadn’t seen him since the rigorous counting began, so when he came back to town, he made sure to record every second of the shocking and emotional reveal. His mom and step dad, as you can see, were completely blown away, in fact, they didn’t even recognize him. Tears burst from Mom and words of encouragement from his Step-Dad, they couldn’t be happier for their son.

This inspiring story can help motivate all young adults that are chained to their computer desks to get their bodies and health in shape. This average twenty-year-old had no special help or any financial motivation behind his tremendous weight-loss journey – just strong will and dedication. Changing little things like the type of food you eat or even how much food you eat can make a difference, maybe even a 130-pound difference. Check out Duncanconstruction’s Reddit page to see more before and after pictures – you wont believe the pictures are the same person – and hear, directly from him, his incredible story.

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