Miranda Lambert is making headlines for her recent weight loss that helped her drop two dress sizes and twenty five pounds. Miranda looked amazing and showed of her new lean and svelte figure at the recent Grammy Award ceremony. What was her secret for dropping the pounds? No it wasn’t surgery or a miracle diet pill. It was simply good old diet and exercise.

Her recent transformation was inspired by her thirtieth birthday. She wanted to get ahead of the game, hoping that maybe she wouldn’t have to work so hard later in life. She felt it was the time to get a little healthier in her life.

Miranda credits dumping the junk food as part of her successful weight loss. She said she ate smaller portions and cutting everything in half. She also cranked up the cardio and circuit training workouts.

So what was her secret diet and what did she do to lose the weight? For breakfast, she says that she drank store bought pressed juice every morning for a healthy breakfast and an easy start to her day. She says that she bought it from the store because she doesn’t have a juicer in her house because she hates to clean it. She says that juicers make a mess and she is not that disciplined to clean it or to make it every morning.

For her meals, she did not cut anything out. She did not starve herself. She worked on the good old method of portion control by cutting everything she was eating in half to help control what she was eating. She cut out fast food and junk food, like Cheetos, in her diet. However, there was one thing she said she would not give up and that was drinking. Everything in moderation was her goal during her transformation.

After her easy to follow diet was set, to obtain the maximum amount of weight loss, Miranda started to up the amount of exercise she was getting. She started to have daily exercise with the help of a trainer. However, she kept her workouts basic, things anyone can do on their own. She incorporated quite a bit of cardio and lots of circuit training. She would do exercises, like lunges, that would make use of her body weight to give her resistance. Working out with resistance bands was another way that she stepped up her workouts.

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