Today we have collected best weight loss transformations of June 2014. We hope that those great pictures will motivate you to acheive your dream body.

A lot of skin showing.. I know and I’m sorry about that.


I walked by the mirror and had to do a double take of my body, seriously can’t believe I look like this. I still look in the mirror expecting to see the girl I was a couple of months ago. I got a long way to go but heck I’m proud of myself! (Excuse the messy bed, I literally just woke up)

End of February and today

I’m 5’5” and I don’t pay any mind to the scale.

-Height : 1m65 (5ft4)

-Weight in both before & after : 98kg (216lbs) before / 59kg (130lbs) now

-How long did it take you ? I don’t know exatly when I started losing weight but I stopped and started again so it wouldn’t be helpful anyway !

-Diet and exercise strategy? At first I literally starved myself but I regained 25 lbs when I stopped so that’s not the best way to lose weight, not to mention the bad mood, the lack of energy and eating disorders.

After my exams I decided to lose those extra 25 pounds to begin with but in a totally different way than I did before. I eat healthier (I’m vegetarian), I exercise a little bit and I try to go to the gym 4 times a week. I’m not at my goal yet but I feel much better, more confident, stronger and I understood that like many people say, there is no secret to losing weight : eat clean and exercise with a positive attitude, that’s the key.

Hello my name is Line and the past 11 months I’ve lost 57 kg/125 lbs

My weight before was 299,89 lbs – now my weight is 174,13. I am 170 cm.

I mostly do 25-30 min of cardio and then 30-40 min strength training.

name: Sarah 

The first picture is around late 2011/early 2012, and the second is just a few days ago in July 2014! At my highest (306) my measurements were 48/40/59, now (194) they are currently at 38/30/45.

My diet strategy has been to stop looking at it as a diet & eat things in moderation – over time, you stop wanting a lot of the ‘bad’ stuff. I mainly focus on protein and low carb, but I don’t really keep track of it as well as I should! I haven’t been doing any sort of structured fitness routine, but now that I’m nearing my goal weight (and it’s a lot easier on my joints to do so), I am going to start incorporating it.

Hey guys, I’m Carley. I’m 19 years old and 5’3. The before pictures were taken February 18, 2014 and the during ones were taken August 13, 2014.

I’ve spent most of my life yo-yo dieting and trying to find a fast fix to my weight. But it took a lot of time and failed attempts for me to realize that changes don’t happen overnight and you can’t lose sight of the big picture. You need to change your entire lifestyle in order to change yourself — not go on a “diet”. It’s so important to FEEL healthy on the inside in order for it to show on the outside. I’m so proud of myself and can’t wait to continue on my fitness journey.

Major things that I did to lose the weight were: cut out pop, cut down majorly on fast food/candy/refined carbs such as sugar and white bread, drank TONS of water every day, and ate lots of veggies and fruit and more lean proteins such as fish and chicken. For exercise I didn’t do anything too crazy… I did some days of insanity here and there, walked a lot and eventually started jogging. Remember that weight loss is mostly diet — if you work out every day and eat like shit you won’t see the results you want.

Believe in yourself — If I can do it, so can you.

5’3”, 17 years old. Before- 150 During- 130 After- 110

I started my weight loss journey in December of 2014. I today, weigh 110 pounds in July 2014. I developed a love for fitness and nutrition.

height: 5’ 6” age: 19 years old

left pic: 155 lbs

right pic: 133 lbs

highest weight:169 lbs

Duration 8 months and counting.

the hardest part is not giving up, and looking the mirror and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, then you compare and you realize how far you’ve come and this is when you need to push the hardest for the results you’ve been working so hard for. 10 more pounds of fat to lose, i know i can do this.

From the end of February/beginning of March and today. Feeling really good about the changes from the side, wish I could see more of a change from the front. I got a long way to go but I know that I can do it.

I’m 5’5 and I’m not at all worried about my weight as a number, So IDK.

Hi. Just wanted to show you that impossible is nothing.

On the left November 2013, 207lbs and on the right July 2014 and 133lbs.

I am so proud of myself and at this point really don’t care how selfish it sounds haha.

There is no secrets about loosing weight, just working out, being patient and eat healthy.

If I was able to do it, than you are too.

I do not weigh myself anymore. 
I’ve been struggling with a binge eating disorder for quite some time now and got deep in to thought this afternoon.. You, yes you, have the choice of binging. You are in control. Your mind will lie to you and say eating makes you feel better but once you tune out those voices and truly listen to your body, your spirit- you your physical self ultimately has the decision to overeat. Endure the temporary discomfort or binge.
At the moment, would you rather feel anxious/depressed/stressed or feel anxious/depressed/stressed along with loated/regretful/guilty/ashamed?

All eating will do is make time go by faster and leave you feeling even worse than you did before deciding to binge.
Think of all day tomorrow. How will a binge right now effect the rest of your day and your entire day tomorrow?
Think of the people currently in your life and think of all the opportunities you are given each day to encounter new people. It is impossible to strengthen relationships and grow close to anyone when feeling so ashamed of yourself. Our personalities were all designed to have light. You do not have the ability to shine that light and grow spiritually when you are at constant battle with yourself and food.
What you feel right now is emotional hunger. Your stomach is not hungry. Your soul is hungry. So no matter how many cookies you eat, no matter how much chocolate, pasta, chips, ice cream you decide to eat, believe it or not, your “stomach” will still feel empty. Physically, you’re going to feel full and bloated, but mentally and soulfully, you are still hungry. The only way to fill that emptiness is with love. Start with yourself. Not until then are you able to fully love other people/receive love from other people, which in time and patience, fills that empty void.
Time will go by whether you decide to binge or not. It is your choice to count the days, or to make the days count. Good things come to those who wait and genuine happiness comes from loving yourself by honoring your body and spirit, rather than your mind/temporary feelings.

Height: 5’4, HW: 225, CW: 165, GW: 130 Age: 26

Comparison shot of my progress thus far. I have always been a body conscious individual and learned how to dress for my body type regardless of size, therefore my last progress pic, although in the same physical position shows a carefully crafted pose/outfit (black of course) that hides some of my less becoming features.

Although I still find myself crafting the right angles and outfits, my confidence and self love for these features I wish I could change (like my round face, gaped front teeth, round belly and thick arms) has altered. They do not define me as a person or represent my character. I am learning to love and appreciate all of my successes and short comings.

Perfectly imperfect

Height- 5’7

Weight before- 180

Weight after (during)- 155

How long did it take you? 6 months

Diet and exercise strategy?
At first I started out by just cutting down on the amount of calories I ate, which was a lot. I also started to make healthier choices like less chips and cookies and more fruits and veggies. After about 2 months, I started working out both at home and the gym, and just recently I have started weightlifting and doing strength training, which has made a huge difference.

The picture on the left is from 2012, I was 22 years old and probably at my heaviest weight ever. Binge drinking and eating whatever I wanted throughout college, and hardly ever exercising definitely caught up to me. I was so unhappy with the way I looked but I didn’t even know where to start to get back on track.

In May of 2013, I met my boyfriend right before graduating, I was so shocked he showed any interest in me, as I was so unhealthy and unhappy with myself. He could see my pain and how self conscious I was around him and politely suggested I join him at the gym. He was the exact motivation I needed to kick start my weight loss journey. We began going to the gym January 2014 Monday-Saturday for about an hour a day; I changed my diet and cut out all soda and nearly all junk foods, started eating smaller portions, and just became more aware of what I was putting in my body.

There were some days I dreaded going to the gym, some days I made up excuses, faked injuries, secretly binge ate junk food, but when I started to personally see my physical results and started having friends and family take notice, that’s when I knew that the harder I work, the more it will pay off.

The picture on the right is from this year (2014), I am 23 years old, my current weight is 158, I’m 5’2 and still working on where I want to be.

Hi guys, my name is Jess. I am 5’9 and I have struggled with my weight for a very long time. The photo on the left is me in September 2013 at 212 lbs. On the right is me now in August 2014 at 160 lbs.

I lost the weight by eating clean and cutting calories. I still have about 15/20 lbs to go. Now that I have gotten by body fat down I am starting the process of toning and targeting specific body areas through exercise. Time to get strong

Before and during. I have lost about only 3kgs, but obviously I can fit in my old jeans! For one month I haven’t been drinking alcohol and I am working out 5 times a week (spinning, jogging) + I am on slow carb diet for two weeks. I am 168cm and weight was 71kg, now around 68kg.

Height: 5’6


CW: 135lbs

9 months of hard work and still keep going.

-Height: 1.68 m / 5’6
-Before: 100 kg / 220 lb
-Current: 75 kg / 165 lb
-Goal: 60 kg / 132 lb

My main blog will appear with the submission but here’s my fitblr.

This took me about 2 years. I hate dieting, so I taught myself how to eat properly. I love being free to choose my meals, by example, if I ate something like pizza for lunch (I don’t do it too often though), for dinner I pick steamed vegetables or a smoothie made of my favorite fruits, etc.
As I began to loose weight I started going to the gym but I got bored very easily so I tried working out at home, but I wasn’t very constant to be honest, so I started taking ballet and contemporary dance lessons, which have helped me to tone.

Before and after losing 120 lbs.

I’ve featured this gal on my blog before, but I just noticed this new weight loss progress pic -WOW! What a killer body. Amazing body transformation! So motivating isn’t it?

Hey guys, I’m kelly!

I’ve never weighed myself consistently, actually only weighed myself twice during the whole journey
First time was maybe 2 months into working out because i wanted a ‘starting weight’ to compare to, and second time was when i first joined a gym 9 months ago. What I’ve done was use the tape and clothes as guide. so my weight is just a rough guide!


Before: 94KG/ 207lbs   Waist: 35”  Hips: 41”
During: 64KG/ 141lbs   Waist: 27”  Hips: 38”

I started working out in Nov 2012 with Insanity twice, then i tried Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme, Les Mills combat and mixing them around with hybrid calendars i found online along with blogilates. After that i joined a gym and since I’ve been regularly doing Pump, spin, hiit, circuit training, yoga and whatever tickles my fancy!

And diet wise, i started off eating whatever crap i wanted and results were coming in slooooowww. so i started cutting off the sugary stuff, the fast food and now the whole ”eating clean” thing is so instilled in me i don’t even think about it anymore. of course i still have cake and pizza whenever i crave it bad so moderation is definitely key! 

First picture: October 2013

Second picture: August 2014

Height 5ft6

So not confident about posting my weight still but I’ve lost 7 stone (98 pounds) since last October through eating healthily and lots of exercise. I now do something every day of the week from swimming and running to bootcamps and weight training. I’ve just been travelling round Thailand for a month and would never have done that when I was 7 stone heavier, not because I wasn’t confident. But because I couldn’t have physically done it in the heat. I look at old photos and didn’t realize how fat I was. I was in complete denial about it. I learnt to accept myself long long before I started my journey and I have a long way to go still but I will always love my body. Every inch of it. Look what amazing things it can do.

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