Top 20 Weight Loss Transformations Of May 2014

Getting motivated to lose weight might be the hardest part. This is why we’ve found amazing, inspirational before/after photos from may. Those success stories will motivate you to eat healthy, exercise and develop fit body.

3 years ago today I walked into an Anytime Fitness as a 321-pound guy hoping to lose 30 pounds that summer. 1 year later I was 110-pounds lighter and have kept it off since. It’s the one thing I’ll never feel guilty bragging about.

I know that my tummy scars will never go away and I’ll probably almost always have loose skin but those are just there to show how much I’ve actually accomplished.

It’s been a long journey. 240 pounds, 147 pounds, 120 pounds. Can’t believe it myself

I had a really good week so celebration pic with the elephant shirt :). 205 to 140 with healthy eating, running, and lifting. I’m 5’7 and 17 it took me 5 1/2 months to lose 60 and now im still counting.

SW: 205

CW: 140

GW: 130

Left: 70 kg/154 lbs
Right: 60 kg/132 lbs

Took me half a year and a lot of hard work!

Transformation Tuesday!

Work hard, eat well, and love yourself the entire journey!

I’m embarrassed to be showing these photos but some people wanted to see my progress from the last year. I’m not where I want to be but for the first time seeing these photos side by side I actually see that I lost weight. I still have a long way to go but at least I made progress

It took over a year, but here I am. I’m 5’6”.  Left picture is 155 pounds, the right is around 130-135. Done through eating less processed foods, more fruits and veggies, and a whole lotta almonds. Yoga erry day, running 3 times a week for 30+ minutes. Patience and progress pictures are what you need, real change is for life. Nothing’s a quick fix.

2012 – 2014
Size 22 – Size 6

It was not easy. But it was so worth it!

another before and after pic for ya ;)

Sorry for the watermark but cretins have been stealing my photos for weight loss product adverts!

~200lbs to ~155lbs

Sorry for spamming you guys with weight loss pictures lately but I’ve found all these photos of 2012 and I don’t even remember looking so differently so I’ve got some proud moments

2012: 70kg (154lbs)
2014: 62kg (136lbs)

And I feel like most of the weight I lost was in my face

Felt totally shitty about myself this night, so I went through old photos of me again.
On the left I’m in NYC in winter 2012 and the right is from today.
Just because I’m skinnier know, all my problems don’t just disappear. I still have to work and face problems daily, but now I have something more to be proud about! It’s important to love yourself and your body either way. Do it for you and for being healthy!

Wooo ive lost 25kgs (55lbs) So proud of myself!! 8 and 1/2 months of healthy eating (well 80% of the time) as well as exercise! (Big walks everyday pushing my baby in his pram)
Im currently in better shape then I was before I had my son when I was 18! Now im 22 and im starting to love my body (pear shape and all)♡
My fitness pal helped me with the first 20kgs of my weight loss ♡

SW 95kg (209ishlbs)
CW 70kg (154lbs)
GW 65kg but if I’m happy before I reach that weight then ill go with it :)
Btw im 5’11

I’m 5’ 9” and the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been. I’m not done yet but I wanted to share my progress with all of you. Thank you all for your support! I’m excited to continue my journey to become even healthier and stronger.

Heres a sitting comparison picture.

Wow have things really changed. I’m so glad to be able to say i’ve come so far with eating right, running, and lifting and I’m ready to go so much farther. :)

I’m 17 and 5’7.

SW: 205

CW: 140-ish

GW: 130

My mom found my prom dress in storage so I decided to take another comparison picture. I think my prom weight in the left picture was around 225 (highest weight 278), after picture on the right is 170. From a size 24 to an 8/10.

Just be persistent, and you will get there! I promise!



Another weightloss before and after but I can’t help it look at the difference!! 25kg (55LBS) gone for good!
HW 95kg
CW 70kg
Btw im 5’11
Almost 9 months difference between photos
Yes I know I have no ass but thats my next step toning and lifting haha
Slowly falling in love with my body

I’ve been there…..

I’ve been there; as the fat girl…
The fat friend in the group
The fat girl who could never find clothes
The fat kid in high school who was bullied.
The girl who walked into class gasping for air.
The one fat girl who always stood out in family events.
The one who was never good enough to date.
The fat girl in gym class who fell trying to run a mile.
The college freshman who couldn’t walk up some stairs without being covered in sweat.
I’ve been broken….
But guess what? I survived. I encouraged myself to make a change! A change that amazes me everyday….
From running a mile in 7:30mins, to fitting into a size 8.(previously a size 16) I honestly feel so proud of myself. I know that these last 5lbs won’t disappear overnight but my determination & motivation are strong. So if you’re just starting your journey, remember this: HOW COMMITTED ARE YOU? How awesome would it feel to prove everyone wrong who once doubted you? How fantastic would you feel living a healthier lifestyle? :)


Stop dieting. Stop making yourself miserable. Stop beating yourself up for overeating. Stop counting calories. Stop hating your body. Stop giving up.

I fell into this vicious circle and developed a binge eating disorder. When I changed my goal from getting skinny to getting healthy, I truly began loving myself again and treating my body with respect and kindness. I deleted my fitness pal app and went old school with a notebook to log what I eat, how I was feeling when I ate it, my exercises, and how many hours of sleep I get. That alone got my brain out of the mindset of either eating “perfectly”, which meant depriving and restricting myself, or saying “f it” and calling it a binge day and consuming an overwhelming amount of calories. I started becoming very mindful of not just what/when I ate, but of my feelings and what emotions triggers my urge to overeat or eat really unhealthy. I realized that those feelings are inevitable and using food to temporarily ease the discomfort was only hurting my self and making me deeply depressed.
It’s been a constant battle with this eating disorder and it might always will be, but when you never give up and wake up in the morning thanking god for giving you another chance, another day, to better yourself, that’s when you’ll start noticing a difference in yourself.

Ps- I recommend the C25k app! Thought I was physically unable to run but I sure surprised myself week after week using that app.

Height: 5’5


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