This time we got for you most stunning before/after photos from April. Get motivated.

Updated progress pic.
Late Jan/early Feb 2013: 165-170 lbs
March 2014: 130 lbs
The key to losing weight and keeping it off is consistency. Consistently make healthy choices when it comes to what you eat, consistently workout, consistently get enough sleep, and consistently believe that you can do it!

Half the size, twice as strong.

After losing 155 lbs and finding running, I’ve gained so much health and happiness. I finally feel like the person I was supposed to be my whole life.

New progress picture!
Before: 205
After: around 135-140ish

It’s hard to believe the left is me at 89kg (196lbs) and the right is me now at about 58kg (127lbs) (179cm)!

Hard work and dedication really pays off, I can’t stress enough!

Hey! I’m Lily and I’m 20 years old, 5’4”

I started my weight loss journey in fall 2012, I was over 200lbs I refused to step on the scale when my weight reached that. I decided to start exercising shortly after and I used cardio and clean eating to drop the weight. I went all the way down to 119lbs But with no muscle tone and extra skin I decided to incorporate weight lifting into my workouts. I now weigh about 138lbs. I still eat clean and gluten-free, high protein, and I’m so happy! Follow my blogs to hear more about my journey! :)

9/27/13 140 pounds. – 4/16/14 122 pounds.

I was feeling defeated recently because I can’t quite lose all 20 pounds, then I looked at my first picture. Took some more today and here is the result. Any progress is progress, and I’m healthy and happy.


left  – 230

right – 150

height – 5’8

minus 70+ pounds plus muscle and a breast lift/augmentation to remove the excess skin. heck yeah. took me a year to lose the first 50 and another couple of years to build muscle, lose fat, become a personal trainer and maintain my healthy lifestyle. i am now working at a yoga studio, going to start my yoga teacher training soon, get certified in nutrition and group exercise and go back to school to become a registered dietitian :3 fitness is my life now. i’m 5’1”, starting weight ~200 lbs, currently ~120lbs.

Nearly 9 months and 76lbs later and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable with myself. I’m nowhere near stopping but my goals are finally tangible. I feel like it’s possible to do anything now. I’m about 30lbs away from my “goal weight”, it’s been hell at some points and I’ve had to combat my demons head on but I’m happy with where I’m at. I’m finally under 200lbs for the first time in about 4 years and I could not be more proud or sure of myself.

An updated progress photo. I suffer from chronic illness in the form of multiple autoimmune disorders. This makes exercise and getting adequate nutrition difficult and painful. I do it anyway. I’ve lost 8 kilo (17 pounds). I’m stronger, healthier and happier than I ever thought I could be. It doesn’t matter what obstacles you are facing, you can always improve yourself and your life. Be strong. Insta: @why_charlie

Making some very slow, but steady, progress :)

PS: Apologies for the very unattractive underwear 😛

Most recent progress pic!

SW: 210

CW: 149

GW: toned!

One year can make a huge difference.

I do feel like I’ve been going overboard with the before and afters recently— but you guys, I just feel really hot. I’m so proud of my progress. And when you’ve been as tired and “blah” as I have been recently its nice to have something that makes you feel good about yourself.

One year progress!

Wow – so a whole year has passed since I decided to get fit. I can’t quite believe it! Despite the bad quality of these pictures – they represent SO much to me. In the second set of pictures, I was approximately 160-170lbs and working my way up. I decided exactly a year ago that I wasn’t going to get bigger, I was going to get over my hate for sport and I was going to get fit. I did it. I love to run, go to the gym and cook yummy healthy meals. I also love to scoff a big pizza and a tub of icecream so yay for moderation! The phrase ‘being fat is hard, losing weight is hard, so choose your hard’ really resonates with me. Choose the hard that can make you a happy person and don’t give up! <3 x Elle

I am 5”4 and dropped from a large 34E bra size to a small 32C-D


Damn, my boobies are gone. Oh well, I’m healthier as fuck.
& conquered The Great Wall of China, that motherfuckah

I’m constantly making and looking at my own before and after photos because…DAMN. This is the one thing that I can always look back on and say “You did good, kid…”.

I started at 312 pounds, I never worked out, I ate SHIT all day everyday. I am a perfect example of the fact that people can change and that life can get better. Besides all the physical stuff, I am happier than I ever have been in my entire life. I have so much more confidence and have really grown into my own. By changing my body I learned to love it (something I should have learned to do with or without weight loss).

So sorry if you guys get tired of my before and after photos but I’m just really proud of myself and I love them. Plus, I have gotten a lot of requests for help from others each time I post one and nothing makes me happier than to help someone feel better about themselves! :)

My progress :)

I want more abs. “Coming soon…”

20 years old. 5’7. Minus 30+ el bees.

I lost it all in college after the very real Freshman 15. It’s not a myth. Don’t believe the lies. It happens. I still go out a lot, drink with my friends, and party like it’s 1969. I also just happen to be a vegetarian marathon runner with a health blog and a well-used gym membership.

Life’s all about the balancing act, and you know, living. You can be healthy and active and social and get good grades and have a job and still slightly maintain your sanity. I swear!

178 lbs to 108 lbs (70 pounds in five months)

I’ve posted here before and used the same before photo but I thought I’d update. I did this simply by eating healthy. it’s possible!

Side view before/after.

Stretch marks faded. Arm halved in size. Progress!

Bit different 😉 When I feel stuck, it’s always good to look back.

I got to say changing my eating habits and working out has made such a huge impact in my life! I never ever thought I’d make it this far in my journey, just to think that I never saw myself as that big back then but obviously this comparison says otherwise! I just want to thank my family, friends, and of course my followers for keeping me motivated and on track, love every single one of y’all!

This weight-loss was achieved healthily :)

Hey I’m Delia, 5’6”, I went from 170 pounds to 128 by eating clean, healthy and a minimum of 1,800 calories and working out 5 days a week. I’m very passionate about mental and physical health & food, wholesome living.

I recovered from Binge Eating Disorder and shed all the pounds I had accumulated throughout the years. If I did it, I believe anyone can do it too :) xx feel free to ask any questions, or even rant, I always love to help

Good vibes to you beautiful souls (& happy earth day)

I hope you guys aren’t fed up of my progress comparisons yet.


Hard work, dedication & ass kicking etc

So proud of my progress over the last 2 years!

254lbs to 185(ish)lbs!

I’m 5’5-the left is @ 184.5 lbs, the right is @ 124 lbs.

This will be the last time I submit my photo!

It’s been nearly two years since I began my health journey and although I’ve seen my fair share of ups and downs, I’ve never been happier.

There are no crazy secrets – eat clean, stay active, and love yourself no matter what your weight is.



I love making these.
I remember in the picture on the left sucking in my stomach and tightening my leg muscles as much as humanly possible and trying to stick my leg out and angle the camera to make myself as narrow as possible
I remember refusing to have pictures taken of me unless they were selfies because then I knew I’d look bad not on purpose and that made me sadder

The picture on the right was taken by my roommate, negative 55 pounds later :)

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