Top 15 Weight Loss Transformations Of October 2014

A journey to losing weight has its ups and downs. It doesn’t matter what kind of goals you have – sooner or later you will face some obstacles during this long process. We prepared some inspirational success stories for those who have just faced weight loss plateau. Check out those before/afert photos and keep going! Success is not so far away.


My journey has taken me from 291lbs to 150lbs. I’m roughly 5’9” and for those of you who are wondering, I am a girl. Life is about finding a balance between physical and emotional health. Though both haven’t always been up to par, I’m learning more everyday. Go find your balance!


So I just had a mini freak out because I weighed myself for the first time in a month and I was 177lbs aka the highest weight I’ve been in 3 years. Then I was scrolling through pictures and realized even if my weight is high, it doesn’t mean my body composition is anywhere near where it was 3 years ago. Looking at where I started to where I am now definitely calmed me down. The scale can burn in hell because it measures nothing. That is all. Happy Sunday folks! #beforeandafter #muscle #vegan



I caught myself staring at the pictures on the left last week. And the one thing I kept asking myself is ‘what was I thinking?’. I was 21 years old and I had been on and off diets since I was 12. My mother took me to my first dietitian when I was just 14 years old! I spent half my life obsessing over what I told myself I can’t change. What was I thinking? I keep asking myself: if I knew that doing the same thing over and over and over again only made me more miserable, why did I choose to keep doing it? Why didn’t I try doing something different after the 3rd time a diet didn’t work? or the 5th time? or the 20th?

A few weeks after those pictures on the left were taken, I went on a family trip to Petra in my home country Jordan. It was my first time there and I loved it. We walked the mile long ‘siq’ and explored the city a little bit. But when it was finally time to walk back, I was exhausted. I was not used to that much exercise. So I rode one of the horse carriages they provide (for old people) back. My 31-year old brother had just quit smoking a few months before and started taking care of his health. He walked the whole way back with his daughter on his back! I was so embarrassed. That trip was the best thing that ever happened to me. I realized that if my brother was able to stop smoking after almost 20 years (he started at 13) and get healthy like that, then why not me too?

I got home after that trip and started learning everything I could about health and the way my body works. I watched documentaries and read books and research about everything like food, nutrition, exercise, the food industry, literally everything I can. And what I realized is that I was doing everything wrong. So I started doing the opposite but in small steps. I started eating healthy foods in the right proportions by learning how to cook. I knew I had to start exercising so I started doing workout videos at home before building up the courage to go to the gym. I learned how saving the money I used to spend on junk food to buy better ingredients to cook with was worth it. And little by little, I saw myself change. And people around me started changing too.

And now, here I am almost 4 years later. Staring at those pictures. Wondering what I was thinking. I never believed I could be an after picture. And I only became an after picture when I started believing I can.



Just over 2 years ago I was obese, SO unfit and wouldn’t even run for the bus. Today I ran a half marathon without stopping in 2 hours and 22 seconds.

I am beyond proud of myself.



Before and During.

I’m officially down 30 freaking pounds!!!
This has been an enjoyable journey for me, I’ve really grown to love a healthier lifestyle. My plans for the future are to lean out even more and lift heavy to prepare to compete in the NPC bikini class.



Time for a throwback Thursday story. So once upon a time I was an active girl who liked food, a lot. I remember during the trip the photo on the left is from my dad and I went to Cracker Barrel, and after finishing my meal he asked if I had enough and I said no so he bought me a 2nd kids meal. I had no comprehension of portion sizes or nutrition and as I got older and became more responsible for what I ate I continued to eat large quantities of junk food. Over time my eating habits caught up to me, not just in terms of my weight, but I got migraines regularly, had digestive issues, my nails were bumpy and brittle, and it became clear that I was malnourished and needed to learn how to take care of myself. Essentially relearning proper eating habits and nutrition wasn’t easy and didn’t happen overnight, but I did it, and I’m almost grateful that I had to undertake such a drastic lifestyle change because it showed me how strong I am and how much I’m capable of. So no matter where you’re starting at, change is possible if you stay determined and have the faith that you can do it!



March 2013-October 2014, probably a 20-25 lb difference (I’ve been “maintaining” my weightloss since July 2013).
No secrets, just lots of wholesome, nutritious food, some treats, lots of weights, and some cardio/HIIT.


Feeling really gross and fluffy this morning progress picture to remind me how far I’ve come



Progress so far this year. 50lbs lost through better nutrition (eat better food, not less food) and weightlifting with a sprinkling of cardio.



My progress since January… I weighed well over 300 pounds in the first photo and was barely squeezing into a 22. I weighed in today at 229 and am a 14/16. For the first five months, I followed Atkins and practiced a lot of hot yoga. In June, I added weight training and transitioned away from Atkins successfully. Nothing is off limits for me, I’m really excited to reach my final goal, whatever that may be. Also, it’s hard to tell…  but that’s the same sweater in both photos.

You all inspire me so much.



My favourite before and during picture – 100lbs and 7 dress sizes down.

Lots of yo-yo but lovingly the journey. I’ve gone from walking in agony to about to do my second half marathon.

Calorie controlled & exercise, weight lifting and enjoying everything in moderation

I can’t believe how many years I’ve gained back on my life expectancy; probably 10 years + and will be many more when my journey is finished.



Over 100 lbs down so far!

I am really struggling the last weeks..And i see myself like i didnt make Progress..but thats just not true.

Never give up! It may be hard but its worth it



Transformation Tuesday



And just to sum up an already amazing night, a new progress picture is in order. 49 kilos between these two pics.  Really loving the definition I can see in my shoulders and legs.  Those quads are popping! Can’t wait to lose the last 10 kilos and start working more on building and defining muscle!


Yesss this before and after~~~ size 12 to size 7
Homecoming last year and this year 35 lbs later!

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