Losing weight is not easy. It’s very time consuming and tiring. Sometines, reaching your goals might be really overwhelming. But for sure slimming down is posibble for everyone. Check out those great success stories and start your own journey.

I just want to celebrate that my weight is (just barely) in the 180s! That number seemed unimaginable when I started!

88lbs down! 100 feels within reach!

Even though I hate both of these photos I like them side by side. I have a gut but I’m half the size I used to be and THAT IS PROGRESS.



So here’s the thing. When people look at the above pictures all they see is a before and after. 100 lbs difference. The beginning and the conclusion. But the truth is my story had so many chapters than just that. I had so many ups and downs, so many plateaus, so many tears and doubts and failures.  I didn’t just lose weight constantly and gradually. I lost and gained and lost and gained. I got sick sometimes. Semesters started and ended. Life got hard sometimes. My priorities changed all the time. But that didn’t stop me.

The difference between this and all the other times before that I lost weight and gained it back is that this time, I became healthy. I became my goal before I reached my goal. I put my health first. I decided to get healthy instead of losing weight. I put myself first. Before that I put everybody else first. I used to want to lose weight so people would think I’m attractive. Now I was losing weight for me. So I can live longer and happier.

People usually add their before and after weights to progress pics but here’s something different:

Before – suffering from insulin resistance and taking pre diabetes pills 3 times/day, struggling to go up the stairs or even walk to class.
After – healthy, no diseases or health conditions, getting stronger and fitter and building a better body. :)

It’s been a long lonnn road, with ups and downs. Need a little reminder of just how far I’ve come…

Relentless forward progress.


I have lost 24 kg in 6 months, progress progress :)) I am 165 cm. 

5 months difference

SW: 252

CW: 191

Height: 5’6

GW: 170

Alright, I’m hopping on the transformation Tuesday train because today is a big day for me! Left is when I was at my heaviest of 270+ pounds and size 20-22 jeans. Today I’m 175 pounds and wearing SIZE EIGHT JEANS! 8!! Aka single digits! I bought these back in April for $5 as goal jeans. I can’t even tell you how surprised I was when they snuggly slid right on.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve made no progress at all. Then I look at this and am like “damn son.” I’m really proud of myself. I don’t care if that sounds immodest, I’ve worked my butt off to get this far. ^_^ and of course all the inspiration I find on here helps me, too!

We will always have struggles as long as we are walking on this planet. Tackle them head on. Fear is okay. Being scared is okay. You’ll never know what lies ahead if you don’t soldier on. Happy motivational Monday loves

name: Sarah
age: 21
starting weight: 306 ~ 48/40/59
current weight: 194 ~ 38/30/45
goal weight: 153

I just started my blog and I’m on the lookout for rad guys ‘n gals to follow and chat with, so don’t be shy! :)

Before: 176.2 pounds (80kilos)
During: 149.7 pounds (68kilos)
Two months progress photo. I still have a long way to go but I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far.


You CAN do this!


Two month progress! I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost over the last month since my last progress pic but I’ve definitely dropped a couple sizes. I’ve been walking about six miles every day since I moved to London and healthy grocery store food is actually a lot cheaper than pre-made unhealthy food and pre-made vegetarian food is cheaper than meaty cheesiness so I’ve actually become heathier just by being a broke college student, haha! x


The photo on the right is the worst of me but one of the only ones in my swimsuit. Feels good to remind myself that there actually is progress even if I don’t notice it. 12 months and 20 pounds difference.


Last summer vs. this summer.
120 pound difference.


3.5 month progress. Go keto. :)


August 2013 – August 2014, specifically my 21st birthday to my 22nd birthday.

Highest weight: 195

Picture of the left: 185

Picture on the right: 140

Current weight: 137


If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Don’t ask me for my weight please^___^

Just reminding myself of how far I’ve come! And I’ve finally made an Instagram! @katiesimonsonn

“So what did you do over the summer?” “This. This is what I did.”

These two pictures were taken 3 months apart from each other, the picture on the left having been taken on June 1st and the picture on the right was taken on September 1st. I’ve been debating whether or not to submit this because I do not have an exact number that i lost nor does this picture show my complete weight loss journey. Having suffered from an eating disorder previously, then recovering and gaining, it has been so emotionally and physically draining. For once in my life, I do not feel “skinny” nor do I want to. I feel healthy. I strive to be HEALTHY. I still struggle every single day, but I’m getting there and honestly I am very proud of where I am and how far I’ve come.

height 5’3 – 17 years old

Do not have weight or measurements because of personal reasons.

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