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Recently there are more and more studies on influence of green coffee extract on weight loss. But is it really true. Is green coffee really fat burner?

What is green coffee?

Green coffee means just coffee from unroasted coffee beans. Roasting process let coffee beans receive their aroma and taste values and also brown color. So the green coffee beans are really seeds of coffee tree removed from red or purple fruit.

The largest green coffee producers are Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia. Approximately 113 millions of coffee bags were exported from producing countries in 2012.

How a green coffee is made?

After ripeness of coffee fruits is confirmed, there comes a stage of harvesting the fruit.  The coffee fruit is usually called the coffee cherry, and it turns deep red when it is ripe and ready for being picked up. There are two ways of harvesting coffee fruits. One is picking coffee crops by hand, while the other one is a mechanized process.

Regardless of way, coffee fruits are picked in two different methods. One called strip picking means that entire crop is harvested in the same time, no matter of the fruit ripeness. The second one, named selectively picking, contains evaluation of fruit ripeness as a part of harvesting. Because of the cost the second method is used only to get the finest arabica coffee beans.

Next, harvested coffee cherries are being processed by drying or by water treatment. Drying is an age-old simple method based on spreading out freshly picked cherries on huge flat surfaces. Then the sun makes them dry. It takes time to dry coffee fruits. To make sure that there will be no spoiled cherries, they are turned throughout days and then covered for nights. In wet method processing, pulp is removed from seeds and then only coffee beans are being dried. Pulping machine makes the skin and pulp being separated from the bean and then washed away with water. Separation of beans comes from weight.

The lighter beans float to the top on water stream, while ripe ones sink to the bottom. Next they are sorted by size. After that beans goes to fermentation tanks for the disposal of the last layer of mucilage. Later they are ready for drying. Before export, green coffee beans are being graded for color and aroma and sorted by size and weight. Green coffee beans are packed in either jute or sisal bags that are later loaded into shipping containers and exported to other countries.

The most valuable ingredients that can be found in green coffee are:

Chlorogenic acids

Green coffee beans usually have from 5 to 10% of chlorogenic acids content.
Chlorogenic acids contain a class of phenolic compounds. Main subclasses of chlorogenic acids that can be found in green coffee are caffeoylquinic acids, dicaffeoylquinic acids, feruloylquinic acids and in less amount p-coumaroylquinic acids caffeoyl-feruloylquinic acids. Among these approximately 80% of total chlorogenic acid content comes from caffeoylquinic acids. Clinical studies shown that chlorogenic acids (CGA) can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases and liver cancer.


Green coffee contains usually 0,6-3,2% caffeine, depending for example on genetic aspects and degree of maturation. Caffeine is a heat stable alkaloid with bitter characteristics. Low and moderate caffeine intake is said to increase alertness, exercise and learning ability, slightly rise blood pressure. Too much caffeine can cause restlessness, anxiety and irritation. It may also give you trouble with sleeping and lead to headaches or abnormal heart rhythms. It can be found in coffee, tea leaves, soft drinks, chocolate, kola nuts and some of medicines.


Trigonelline is an alkaloid formed from enzymatic methylation of nicotinic acid. As for bioactivity, this compound has the ability to inhibit invasiveness of cancer cells. Studies have shown that trigonelline may regenerate axons and dendrites, which can lead to memory improvement.

Soluble fiber

Galactomannans and type II arabinogalactans are the most important types of soluble fiber found in green coffee. Because this fraction is not digested, it reaches colon without changes, where it can be used as a substrate for beneficial intestinal flora. Also colonic pH is lowered so the probability of pathogenic species of bacteria growth is reduced. It is also said that high daily intake of dietary fiber may help with lowering blood cholesterol and modulating insulin responses.


Green coffee diterpenes are represented mostly by cafestol and kahweol. In studies they have shown anticarcinogenic and hepatoprotective properties. On the other hand high consumption may lead to increased level of cardiovascular diseases.

Green coffee healthy benefits:

Studies have shown that green coffee extract has many benefits for human body. First of all green coffee has antioxidant properties. It helps detoxify the organs of body, especially the liver.  Moreover green bean coffee antioxidants may also prevent formation of kidney stones and lower the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. It is also said that green coffee can make acne to disappear, so skin will look less dull and much healthier.

Secondly including green coffee in diet may take part in reducing the chances of getting hypertension. It is documented that green coffee can reduce the number of low density proteins (LDL), which helps in prevention of heart attack. So it can be said that green coffee prevent from getting high blood pressure. In scientific studies there was also mentioned that green coffee helped to reduce heart rate. It is significant value for those that have problems with high blood pressure.

What’s more putting green coffee bean in diet can help in prevention of cancer. Chlorogenic acid which green coffee beans are rich in has the ability to fight with carcinogenic compounds that found their way to human body by ingestion.

Next topic is green coffee and colon cleanse. Green coffee is a natural way to increase healthiness of digestive system.  It helps to keep the digestive system working properly and guards against colon cancer. Green coffee can reduce vomiting and diarrhea, which means green coffee may assist in colon cleanse process if it is put in diet.

Does using green coffee be a part of healthy nutrition? Yes it does. Green coffee may take part in reduction in risk of diabetes, because of its effect on lowering the blood sugar level. If you are a diabetic, green coffee will help you to manage appropriate level of sugar intake. If you are not, ingredients of green coffee extract such as chlorogenic acid and tocophenols will let you not fall ill with diabetes.

Another effect of green coffee on human body is prolongation of mental alertness. Green coffee contains caffeine, so its effect is similar to roasted coffee. It is known that green coffee can improve learning abilities and lower the level of fatigue. Also it can be used as a remedy for persistent headache.

Green coffee – slimming coffee?

Influence of green coffee on fat burning, was proven by series of medical experiments. Green coffee is known as strong appetite suppressant. It can reduce the number of times we eat and also dispose of cravings which can add unnecessary calories to our body. Green coffee extract boosts the metabolism.

Studies have shown that green coffee may inhibit absorption of sugar form consumption of starch, which lead to decrease of caloric input. The animal studies demonstrated that green coffee extract has an effect on fat metabolism, by activation of fat metabolism in liver and slowing down fat absorption in the intestine. The reduce of lipogenesis and lowering levels of liver triglycerides, has been observed, and that effect proceeded to suppression of fat accumulation in body.

These studies show that green coffee is really effective for weight loss. What’s more none of the studies shows any side effects of using green coffee bean extract.

What is the most important is a fact that only pure green coffee bean extract has scientifically proved effect on weight loss. So be careful not to fall into fraud’s trap and do not buy poor quality imitations of real green coffee bean supplements.

Green coffee bean supplements.

There is a wide range of green coffee bean supplements, which differ from each other in extract content.
There are green coffee pills, capsules, drinks. Green coffee tablets are sometimes enriched with other natural substances, such as Yerba Mate extract, while green coffee capsules usually contain only extract of green coffee and vegetable cellulose as a cover material. It is not essential, which form of green coffee bean extract will you use. You just need to remember that maximum clinically supported green coffee dose is 800 mg. It is recommended to use such an amount (not more) on dietary intake of green coffee extract.

Recently one of the most popular international food company offered green coffee drinks as a part of its new menu. So it can be said that the global approach to coffee is changing in ways of enriching consumption with significant green coffee intake.

Leading ‘rational’ lifestyle full with balanced diet and sport, with adding green coffee bean extract is a chance to get slimmer and healthier.

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