Vitalicious Healthy Food Diet Review

If you are looking for baked goods that are healthy for you and that also taste great, look no further than Vitalicious. While helping to facilitate weight loss and reduce cholesterol, these products guarantee to satiate and satisfy. Plus, they are loaded with minerals, plant sterols, and vitamins.

You can have brownies, whole cakes, muffins, and more delivered right to your door when you order from the simple to use and all inclusive online store. In addition, you can bake the goodies yourself by just adding liquid to the ready to bake dry ingredients and popping the mixture in the oven. This option fills your home with the fresh baked aroma.

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Basic Background Information

Vitalicious is a portmanteau of vital and delicious. And, that is just what they are. Without sacrificing taste, their baked goods promote a healthy lifestyle. With products that are high in nutrients and fiber and low in fat, they are leading the market in innovative ways to approach maximum satisfaction while minimizing calories holistically.

As the only baked goods business in this niche, Vitalicious has created a one of a kind triangle of need satisfaction: Nutraceuticals + Weight Management + All Natural Ingredients. They create and sell an array of healthy, value added, unique baked goods. You can now get their products at stores around the United States as well as at their website,

Vitalicious has a simple mission: “to make healthy and delicious baked goods that are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.”

Specifics of Vitalicious

Vitalicious is not necessarily a weight loss company. They do not really have a specific diet that you can follow. Instead, their products are best used in conjunction with other diet plans. When you look at the nutrition facts of these products, it is easy to see how they would support people in their weight loss efforts. For those dieters who live a busy lifestyle and need the portability of a packaged product or who tend to skip breakfast, Vitalicious is the perfect option.

One of the aspects that makes Vitalicious foods such effective weight loss products is the Nutraceuticals. What are Nutraceuticals? They are foods that are enriched with the types of minerals and vitamins needed for preventing illness and maintaining health. We have seen a surge in the last few years in the number of Americans eating breakfast at their desk or grabbing it on the run.

With this surge, there is a need for vitamin fortified, healthy baked goods you can eat in a hurry and still get the nutrition you need. Every product offered by Vitalicious has been designed to give you as many nutritional benefits as possible. To help performance throughout the day and build wellness and strength in the future, specific essential minerals and vitamins have been chosen in precise amounts.


Every weight loss product has its positives that will help most people to lose weight and keep it off. This is especially true with Vitalicious. There are many benefits to always having some of their baked goods handy. Here are some of the top reasons to go with Vitalicious:

  • They are diabetic friendly
  • Their products are low in fat, tasty, easy to consume, and healthy
  • Vitalicious baking mixes support healthy changes to your diet while allowing for scratch baking for those who still like to bake when trying to lose weight
  • The items are ideal for Weight Watchers members, since all serving sizes are equivalent to one point.


As with any weight loss items, there are negatives associated with them. Vitalicious appears to have less negatives than most, but there were still some downfalls. Their baked goods do not make you immune to weight gain. If you have problems with binge eating, then binging on Vitalicious baked goods may still cause you to gain weight. However, you will not gain as much weight as you would with regular snack foods.

Another downfall is that mail order may not be convenient for a lot of people. There are a lot of stores that do carry Vitalicious items. However, not all of them carry the full complement of products. We recommend checking out the breakfast or natural and organic frozen sections at your grocery store to see what they have and order what they do not online. It should also be noted that Canadian food guidelines do not allow Canadian grocery stores to carry Vitalicious products that are fortified with minerals and vitamins.

The final negative for Vitalicious is that it does not offer a standalone weight loss plan at this time. There are no exercise programs that go with the healthy diet. Also, though it is technically possible, it is not recommended that you subsist solely on Vitalicious products. You need to diversify your foods, and unfortunately, this can lead to making some poor decisions.

Quick, Healthy and Easy Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe by Vitalicious

User Reviews

“VitaMuffins are the greatest! I get the Deep Chocolate flavor. I cannot get my six year old son to eat his vegetables, and we are both chocoholics. These muffins are low in fat, calories, and sugar and have so many minerals and vitamins! Best of all, the rich chocolate muffins do not taste vitaminy. I bought them frozen and just thawed them in the microwave in twenty seconds!” –Denise in Portland, ME

“This is the best product I have come across in my weight loss efforts. It was no wonder I was overweight having grown up surrounded by high carbs in an Italian household. A little less than a year ago, I decided I needed to take control of my weight, and as of this morning, I have lost 90 pounds! I could not have done it without the Vitalicious products.” –George in Little Rock, AR

“I love Vitalicious! After losing 40 pounds, people are constantly asking me how I did it. Consequently, I am always promoting Vitalicious! Each morning, I look forward to having my VitaTops. They have been my breakfast of choice for over two years now. Their customer support is also truly incredible. I h2ly recommend Vitalicious if you are considering losing weight.” –Crystal in Madison, WI

Sample Products

The array of products available from Vitalicious is too vast to go into too much detail here, so we will just cover the highlights from each of the food categories offered:

  • VitaEgg – This is one of their newest items, the VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich. Flavorful vegetables and cheese top a protein rich, fluffy, delicious VitaEgg on high fiber, whole grain flatbread. They also manage to keep all of the choline, omega-3 DHA, and lutein of the egg yolk without the cholesterol or calories!
  • VitaPizza – Another new item from Vitalicious is the VitaPizza. This is the first and only low calorie, truly delicious, single serving, nutrient rich frozen pizza. It features a crispy and thin crust, fresh tomatoes, and plenty of toppings.
  • VitaTops – These are 100 calorie muffin tops that will help you get rid of your muffin top. This is perfect for carrying and eating on the run. There are more than fifteen different flavors, including Deep Chocolate and Sugar-Free Velvety Chocolate.
  • VitaCakes – This is the first ever, 50 calorie baked good on the market. VitaCakes are packed full of gooey chocolate goodness along with only one gram of fat, four to six grams of fiber, fifteen minerals and vitamins, twelve to fourteen grams of carbs, and two grams of protein.
  • VitaMuffins – This low fat, high fiber, 100 calorie muffin delivers taste, and it leaves you feeling full, since there are five to nine grams of fiber in every serving. Plus, with the fifteen vitamins and minerals in this item, it is comparable to an apple in its health benefits.
  • VitaBrownies – This is another 100 calorie treat that is high in fiber and protein and delivers a smooth chocolaty taste.
  • VitaMixes – Brownie and muffin mixes you can make at home. It has never been healthier or simpler to bake at home. Plus, there is only 100 calories per serving. Your family will never know the difference!


A Vitalicious muffin is the ideal way to begin the day for those individuals who want to start healthy habits but do not want to sacrifice tradition, taste, or carbs. In their full line of convenient products, there is something for everyone whether you are a busy parent, a health conscious retiree who loves to bake, or an airport traveler.

Do not forget about the hardest part of weight loss: keeping that weight off. Vitalicious does a good job of staying at the forefront of dieters’ minds by maintaining visibility in reputable magazines. We h2ly recommend Vitalicious items to anyone interested in taking an active approach to a lifetime of healthy eating.

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