15 Tips on Losing Weight Without Trying

Weight loss can be difficult. It requires a change in your diet, you exercise routine, and your overall attitude toward your health and your body. Some people do not have the time to put into exercising and changing their daily routine. If you are looking to lose weight, but do not want to try too hard, there are a few things that you can do to lose weight without really trying.

1. Eat Eggs for Breakfast

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Studies have shown, that people who eat eggs for breakfast, will typically consume less calories throughout the day than those who do not include eggs in their breakfast menu. The reason for this is that eggs are full of protein. Protein is a natural way of curbing your appetite. If you eat eggs in the morning, you will not be as hungry the rest of the day.

2. Stand Up More Often

It may sound too simple to be true, however, standing up can help you burn calories. You burn 1 ½ times more calories when you stand than you do when you are sitting. When you are at work, and you are on a call, you should stand up while you are on the phone. If you have a rolling chair, and tend to roll from one side of the desk to the other, you should forget the wheels, and use your feet. Remove the wheels from your chair, or lock them if necessary. Taking those few extra steps can burn calories. If you are watching television, get up and go to the TV to change the channel or adjust the volume. Rather than letting your remote control do the work, get up and do it yourself.

3. Do Not Eat Meals While Watching Television

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This is a mistake made by many people. After a long day, you go home, get your dinner, and sit down on the couch and turn on your favorite program. Studies show that people who eat their meals in front of the television consume 300 more calories a day than those who eat at the dining room table. When you are focusing on television, and not on eating, you are not paying attention to the amount of food that you are eating. You may be more likely to not realize how much food that you are eating because you are focusing more on what you are watching.

4. Use Your Scale

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Weighing yourself once a week is an excellent way to lose weight. When you step on the scale weekly, you can see if you are gaining or losing weight. If you see that you have gained a pound or two, you will be more likely to watch your eating habits that week so that you see better results at your next weigh in. If you have lost a pound or two, you will feel great, and motivated to lose another pound or two before your next weigh in.

5. An Apple-A-Day

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Studies have shown that people who eat an apple, rather than having a glass of apple juice, consume 15% less calories than those who stick with apple juice. This is because chewing satisfies your need to indulge.

6. Make a Whey Protein Shake

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If you consume 55 grams of whey protein for 23 days, you can lose up to five pounds more than you would if you were eating carbs. Replacing your regular breakfast or snack that is full of carbs, with a delicious whey protein shake, you can lose weight faster, and not feel like you are missing out on the foods that you love.

7. Keep Healthy Foods at Eye Level, Keep Unhealthy Foods Out of Sight

Studies have shown that you are 2.7 times more likely to choose a snack that is in your line of sight. If you want to start eating fresh fruits and vegetables, keep them at eye level in the refrigerator. You should keep your healthy snacks such as granola bars at eye level in the cupboard, and keep the potato chips up high where they are out of site.

8. Clean, Clean, Clean

You may think that you cannot lose weight effectively, because you do not have time to go to the gym. This is not true. Doing simple chores around the house can help you burn calories. When you do a more intense cleaning, such as washing the floors, vacuuming, and washing the windows, you can burn a good deal of calories. You may not have time to go to the gym, but you will always find time to clean the house.

9. Switch to Skim


If you are a milk lover, the best way to reduce your calorie intake is to switch to skim milk. If you drink juice at breakfast, switching to skim milk can reduce your calorie consumption by 8.5%.

10. Take the Stairs


When you are at work, or you have an appointment on an upper floor, take the stairs rather than the elevator. You have the opportunity to burn a great deal more calories going up and down the stairs than you do by standing in the elevator.

11. Choose Your Parking Space Carefully

When we go shopping, to work, or even go home, we often try to find a parking spot as close to our destination as possible. When you are trying to lose a few extra pounds, it is a good idea to park further away from your destination. When you park further away, you are forced to walk. This walk will help you to burn calories.

12. Drink More Water

Emilian Robert Vicol/Flickr

Emilian Robert Vicol/Flickr

Before you eat each meal, you should first drink a glass of water. When you drink water, you are tricking your body into thinking that it is full. If you let your body think that you are getting full before you eat, you will likely eat less at the meal.

13. Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal



Making breakfast your biggest meal can help you lose weight. When you eat a big breakfast, you are giving your body the fuel that it needs to power through the day. Many people make dinner their biggest meal of the day. This is a mistake. When you have consumed excess calories that you have not had a chance to burn off, those extra calories are stored as fat. When you make dinner your largest meal, you do not have much time left in the day to burn the excess calories. When breakfast is your biggest meal, you have the whole day to burn off the calories that you consumed.

14. Change the Way You Prepare Your Food

The way that you prepare your food has a huge impact on the amount of calories that you consume. If you are making a dinner using chicken and potatoes, rather than making fried chicken with french fries, you can make grilled chicken and a baked potato. Grilling, baking, and steaming your favorite foods will greatly reduce the amount of calories in the foods.

15. Avoid, or Replace Your Favorite Desserts



When you are done your meal, and you are craving a dessert, your best bet is to just say no. If you cannot say no to dessert after dinner, rather than having a piece of cake, cookies, or a big bowl of ice cream, opt for sorbet or a low fat yogurt. These foods will satisfy your sweet tooth, but will not negatively impact your calorie intake.

16. Eating Out

Many people enjoy eating out, however, eating out can often set you back on your calorie count. When you are looking at the menu, avoid foods that are fried, have a cream sauce, or have too much cheese. When ordering a salad, ask to have the dressing on the side. This will allow you to drizzle just a small amount on your salad. When the bread comes to the table, avoid using butter. Eating smart when you are dining out can help you lose weight.

Losing weight can be difficult. If you follow these simple tips, you have a good chance of losing weight without too much work.

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