Any workout alternating between high and low intense bursts of activity and between high intense bursts and periods of rest is high intensity interval training. This kind of training is highly beneficial and has numerous benefits. Here are the top 15 benefits of High intensity interval training:

1. Efficient Form Of Training

High intensity interval training is the ideal workout for those who have a busy schedule. You can squeeze in a session of workout during your lunch hour and get into shape while you work. According to a research, 15-minute high intensity interval training can do more good than a jogging session on the treadmill. It is easy to do and lets you get back into shape without losing energy.

2. Improves Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity Simultaneously

High intensity interval training has been proved to improve aerobic capacity, as per this study on It is known to be an effective method of increasing cardiovascular and anaerobic capacity. According to traditional workout, it is not possible to mix aerobic and anaerobic training seamlessly, balancing them. High intensity interval training, however, does this at once. This method of interval training combines short workout bursts with longer rest periods increasing anaerobic capacity.

3. Creative Form of Exercise

An example of HIIT is where you jog for a minute and walk for a couple of minutes. You can be as creative as you want. You can have a single or a combination of workouts and exercises that use all parts of the body and the muscles. You, however, need to plan this carefully. Combine a set up with a 20-second intense workout and 40-second rest or low intense exercise period. It can be a combination of squats and overhead press or doing pike up using stability ball in combination with push-ups. There are innumerable combinations.

4. Integrating HIIT with Routine

The biggest benefit of this training is that you can integrate it with your everyday routine. This means that you can workout for 15 minutes everyday during your lunch hour or in the evening when you are watching television. The only thing that you have to really work at is to find a full body workout that is suitable for you and your routine. Your workout regimen should revolve around this exercise.

5. Helps Train Mind and Body

At casual glance, HIIT may seem to be the easiest form of training. However, as you progress with your training, you will find that it is one of the most brutal forms of workout that requires you to alternate between speed and rest at a fast pace. You have to stick to the pace even if your body is crying to be let off. This is when you need to work with your mind. Focus on your breathing and continue.

6. Burns More Fat

This workout not only helps you to enhance calorie burning but it also kick starts your body’s repair system. This means that you burn calories and fat in the following day after the workout. This form of exercise is also more effective than a steady jog or sprint for a long distance for a long time. Since your body gets to rest in between the workout session, it repairs itself.

7. Promotes A Healthy Heart

A lot of people are uncomfortable with anaerobic exercises. What are anaerobic exercises? These are workouts, where you cannot breathe. You feel that your heart is thudding too loudly or is going to jump out. However, with HIIT, you can do anaerobics also and with good results. According to this study on, people with heart conditions have shown improvement after HIIT.

8. No Need of Equipment

One of the biggest benefits of this training is that you do not need any equipment. All kinds of workouts are suitable for HIIT, be it jump roping, rowing, biking or running. All you need is your body, which includes your hands and legs, and using your joints. Jumping lunges are as good as running for increasing your heart rate.

9. Helps Weight And Enhances Muscle

Everyone works out for a lean, mean body. With this training, you not only lose weight but also get lean muscle. Regular HIIT workout combined with weight training helps you to preserve your muscle and ensuring that the weight loss occurs from fat stored in the body.

10. Enhanced Metabolism

You can’t really lose weight unless your metabolism is good. You workout, lose calories, eat and then gain weight again! What is the point of working out then? You need a workout plan that helps you keep off the lost weight. . It has been found that HIIT stimulates production of HGH in the 24 hours following the workout, thus enhancing metabolism.

11. Anywhere Workout

The concept of HIIT is very simple. You can do it anywhere you want, wherever you are comfortable. Do a short workout and follow it with a period of recovery. Repeat and your workout is done. Do it at your workplace, when you are going to work or while returning home. All you need is a free 15-minute stretch. It is not too long, is it?

12. Challenging Workout

High Intensity interval training is a challenging workout, the challenge lying in keeping the training creative and having the strength of mind to continue doing it. Whether you are alternating jogging with walking or butterfly strokes with free style swimming, the challenge lies in keeping the workout interesting and being it able to continue it for at least 8 weeks so that you can notice the change in your body and attitude.

13. Loving the Brutal Workout

One aspect of the training is that you love it, despite the fact that it is brutal on your body. You need to have a very strong mind to continue it. If you are doing a sprint-walk, then after a few minutes, you will find that both sprinting and walking is very difficult. You will have to drag your body to do both. However, you cannot stop yourself from doing it since you know that you will reap rewards for the following 24 hours after the workout.

14. Use Any Machine That You Prefer

While equipment is not necessary for training, using them only makes the workout interesting and challenging. For example, if you are working out on the elliptical or stationary bike, you can set the pedalling to the highest resistance level for 30 seconds and then slow down for 1 minute.

15. Beat the Holiday Bulge

This is the best and, therefore, kept for the last. The best benefit is that HIIT helps keep the belly bulge away by increasing aerobic capacity by almost 13%. A two-week HIIT workout will help you more than a month’s strenuous jogging.

These are some of the most important benefits of High Intensity interval training as has been proved repeatedly by studies.

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