It has often been said that a person shouldn’t eat before they workout. According to old studies, it causes cramping and blood sugars to be off and can lead to an unproductive workout. However, new studies show that eating before working out may be beneficial. In fact, those who are eating before they workout are seeing better results than those who don’t.

With conflicting evidence comes contradictory believes about whether to eat or not. However, it’s not about just eating, but eating the right foods and combination to enhance the body during the workout. For those who think eat before a workout is a good idea, here are some reasons to back up that theory.

1. Overall Better Performance

Working out is meant to be a challenge to the body. Those that are just starting out may find that they run out of steam quickly. By eating something that increases stamina, it allows the body to have the strength it needs to complete rigorous routines. Think of the body like a machine, it needs fuel to run. When the machine is working the hardest, it helps the body to burn fat by boosting the metabolism. Without fuel, a machine would stop, and the body is the same way. One cannot expect a machine to work without giving it the one thing it needs to operate, fuel.

2. Burn Calories More Efficiently

Experts now are seeing the problem with training on an empty stomach. It can actually cause more harm than it does good for the body. An empty stomach will burn calories quicker before the workout than during the workout. This means that the workout can yield less than desirable results. To train the body to burn during the workout at an efficient rate, one must eat first. The body has to be trained to do what we want it to. Food, in the right limitations and portions, will help do this.

3. Reduces Glycogen Usage

By consuming foods that have simple sugars, it will decrease the amount of glycogen that is used during a workout routine. What this means is that a person can train longer and have more intense workouts without tiring quickly. This can also prevent the immune system from compromise.

4. Provide Quick Energy

When someone works out in the morning, they may be lacking that pep in their step. Having a meal that is balanced with around fifty carbs and ten grams of protein should help with the morning fog. Make sure the meal has less than two hundred and fifty calories. Mixing simple and complex carbs together is the best for the workout. In fact, having simple carbs will be fast burning and allow the body to have quick energy.

5. Helps With Hydration

When a person is involved in endurance training, they should eat and drink things that have branched chain amino acids. Items like milk, which is full of amino acids, help to keep the body hydrated. By properly hydrating the body, the intense workouts won’t cause any dizziness or fatigue. Sports drinks and water should be consumed about two hours before the workout. During the workout, keep pumping fluids about every fifteen minutes to stay hydrate and avoid burnout syndrome.

6. Keeps Fatigue At Bay

Intense workouts are hard on the body. One way to keep fatigue at bay is to eat and drink. At least ninety minutes before a workout, consume additional carbs. This can be in the way of a sports drink or a carb rich snack. Do this every twenty minutes. Some options to consider are energy bars, oatmeal products and dried fruits. These foods will keep fatigue away and enhance endurance.

7. Increases Muscle Building Abilities

Those who are trying to increase muscle power may find the answer they need in their diet. Since muscles are mostly water, a person only needs around twenty five hundred calories to gain a pound of muscle. To gain a pound of fat, one would need thirty five hundred calories. Some don’t feel that protein is needed to gain muscle, but the body needs the extra protein during training. Consuming more protein will help the body to enhance its muscle building abilities.

8. Reduces Cramping

Some are under the assumption that if they eat they will have stomach cramps and other abdominal discomforts. Actually, eating can reduce discomfort and allow the body to have a more pleasant workout. When the stomach is cramping and hurting, it is hard to have any quality session, which is why a light meal can do no harm. Those who stuff themselves to the point of being full will have issues, but a well portion meal that has the fuel the body needs, it is just what a person needs. High fat foods are known to cause discomfort during training. Be very careful about what is consumed before working out.

9. Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Whether diabetic or not, blood sugar levels being off can make a person feel light headed, dizzy and all around miserable. By eating something like oatmeal before a workout, it can put the blood sugar levels in order and help with a productive workout. Bananas, cereal and juice are all good options for pre-workout meals. They will help burn sugar and create energy enough to make it through the workout. The blood sugar levels automatically start falling about 15-20 minutes into the workout, so by making sure the body has fuel to balance this is important.

10. Maintain Strength Throughout The Entire Workout

Yes, working out is tasking, but the benefits far out-weigh the few discomforts. By consuming things like trail mix, nuts, eggs, peanut butter, turkey, yogurt and whole grain, most say they see an increase in their strength by up to fifty percent. By ensuring the pre-workout meal has about fifty to sixty percent of carbs and a good balance of protein, the body can use this to generate fuel for a successful workout.

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